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Winter Porch Pot Inspirations

outdoor winter porch ideas

“The color of springtime is flowers; the color of winter is in our imagination.”
– Terri Guillemets

Once the snow settles and stays here in Iowa, it’s tempting to mourn the end of the warm weather for the season, but there’s so much beauty and excitement that the winter has to offer us! Bare trees are decorated with glittering snow instead of leaves, and the world is wrapped in peaceful serenity for a few months while our gardens sleep. However, just because our yards are in hibernation, that doesn’t have to mean the end of our outdoor aesthetic.

winter porch pots

Winter Porch Pots

Winter porch pots are the cold-season counterpart to autumn’s mums. They’re a chic and stylish way to decorate with garden accessories that will make your porch as inviting as your foyer – though, not quite as warm.

The best plants for porch decoration are, naturally, evergreens – a winter staple that is both seasonal and stylish while the rest of your plants have dropped their leaves. These pots are easy to maintain and bring a bit of life to your snowy front yard.

You can easily create something that is unique, beautiful, and a perfect accessory for displaying at the front of your home by blending proportion, color, and texture. While you can look to Pinterest and magazines for inspiration, here are some of our favorite porch pot ideas to get you started:

spruce cedar trees

Combine at least 3 species of conifers for the best combination of color, texture, and delightful, fresh winter smells. We love pairing spruce and cedar with sprigs of juniper. With the contrast of your lush pot and the white snow as a backdrop, the blue berries on the junipers will be like natural, elegant ornaments.

Pinecones make excellent decorations on simple and sleek evergreen designs. You can find them in your yard or at our garden center, and they can be added in as-is or decorated with bright paints and glitters to add more color and flair to your creation.

Christmas Porch Pots: Make your porch pot ready for the holidays by adding a splash of red with holly or winter berries. You can also add holiday picks like stars, ornaments, and seed pods for extra bling, stop by the garden center to see all the “bling” we have to offer. You can also use your pot as a place to showcase a baby conifer tree that you can decorate like a miniature Christmas Tree to be enjoyed by passers-by. Adding white string lights and decorative, festive ribbon to your display and pot are the perfect way to dress it up for that extra Christmas curbside appeal.

christmas pinecones

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Winter Porch Decorations

The snowy weather makes the perfect backdrop for a huge variety of crafts that use all the same decorating skills as your summer containers. Decorate the rest of your porch to match the wintry look of your pot with these decor ideas:

Wreaths: Classic front door decorations used for centuries, wreaths are the perfect way to invite your guests to enjoy the warmth of your home. Match your wreath to your porch plants with the same decorative touches or even build them with the same materials for a coordinated and eye-catching aesthetic.

Outdoor Benches: This hot trend has been taking over social media with its stylish appeal and practical design that is simple to create. Place a wooden bench on your front porch and decorate with blankets, throws, and evergreen boughs for a picture-perfect cozy corner that you won’t be able to resist cozying up in.

Get Creative with Firewood: Utilitarian stacks of firewood certainly serve a practical purpose, but why not turn your wood pile into a trendy design opportunity? Arrange your logs into bundles wrapped up tidily with ribbon or gather them into an extra porch pot turned on its side. Take this look further by adding fairy lights to complement the rustic style.

Sleigh Display: We love the vintage style of a toboggan leaning beside your front door, reminding everyone that passes by of the simpler, fun-filled times of their childhood when they explored the best of winter. Combine your toboggan with other vintage items, like old ice skates, and a touch of green from your winter porch pot design to complete the look.

wooden branch wreath

The holidays are approaching quickly and, with them, come more than enough winter motifs to choose from while you decorate. Our homes are simply bursting with winter cheer and festive styling right now.   Stop by the garden center to pick up fresh greens, holiday picks and holiday pots for your decorating needs. Bring that celebratory flair outside with a beautiful winter porch pot and keep your landscape alive with nature’s best until spring returns!


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