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Weeping Willows & Other Weeping Trees

Weeping Willows Ted Lare Iowa

Weeping trees are a popular commodity in our area, and one look at their striking style is enough to tell you why. There’s something stunning and beautiful about weeping-style trees that adds an air of sophistication, whimsy, and elegance to your property. While the weeping willow might be the most iconic variety, there are actually lots of options to look in to if you want to add a weeping tree to your property for improved privacy and presence on your block.

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Weeping Trees – The Style Icon That Never Gets Old
These gorgeous trees add interest to your landscape all year long. Instead of growing in the vertical branching pattern we’re used to, their branches sweep downwards, creating a cascading effect that catches the eye with its uniqueness. 

As a style of ornamental tree, weeping trees are incredibly diverse. They range in size from massive mature trees with upward of 70 feet tall, that are ideal for a statement piece that provides functional privacy and style, to dwarf varieties that are more manageable statements for a space with less square footage. Choosing the right variety for your space is a very individualized decision that our design teams can help you with, but to spark the imagination, here are some of our favorites:

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Weeping Japanese Maple

These trees bear branches with delicate and lacy foliage that gracefully bend towards the ground. This ornamental tree is a best used as a specimen planting in a protected area due the fragile nature of their leaves.  They rarely get larger than 10 feet tall so they are often a good choice if your space is limited. They also have spectacular fall colors of bright hues of red, orange or yellow depending on the variety of tree you select.  Two of our favorite varieties are Tamukeyama or Ever Red.  

Weeping Redbud Tree

Another gorgeous flowering weeping tree, the weeping redbud offers cascades of blooms in the spring. Native to the Eastern United States, this flowering tree has no issues thriving in Iowa. The blooms are followed by a summer of bright green foliage to decorate your landscape. Our favorite weeping redbud variety is the Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud, which rewards the arrival of spring with a fountain of rose-purple blooms.

fiddle-leaf fig plant

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Weeping Pine Tree 

Changing the pace from the previous trees, another one of our favorites is the weeping pine, a lovely coniferous specimen. With the weeping pine tree, you will be able to enjoy the most out of your evergreen tree in all of the seasons, rather than mostly only during the summer like other deciduous trees. Our favorite weeping pine is the white weeping pine, which is an elegant shrub with the eye-catching shape expected of weeping varieties. With proper pruning, though, this shrub could become a small tree, reaching heights of 12 feet. 

Weeping White Spruce

We love the stately form of the weeping white spruce.  It’s branches are covered with densely packed blue green needles which gracefully weep down.  While they can achieve heights of nearly 50 feet they never get wider than 10 feet which make them perfect for that sunny narrow spot in the garden.  

Weeping trees of any size are a great way to add some presence to your property with their eye-catching style and elegant shape. Whether you just want something small to be a piece of interest or a full tree to dominate your landscape, we have options to fit your lifestyle and home! Come visit our garden center to view our large selection of trees, weeping and upright!


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