The Most Beautiful Foliage Plants for the Home

Foliage plants for the home Ted Lare

There aren’t very many houseplants that produce flowers on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean your collection of houseplants is limited to a forest of monotone green tear-drop shaped leaves. There is a wide variety of houseplants out there with beautiful foliage, featuring unique coloring, exciting shapes, peculiar textures, and a vast range of sizes. 

Don’t let your house jungle be boring—add depth and dimension to your wall decor with some of these stunning houseplants.


Dracaena, Nerve Plant, and Calathea for the home from Ted Lare


Florida Beauty Dracaena leaves are dark green with white dots, like a paint splatter across them. The leaves of this dracaena are less spikey than other dracaenas. Prefers bright indirect light.

Nerve Plant is a smaller evergreen ground cover type plant that features high contrast veins on each dark green leaf, either in bright red, bright white, or pink. It loves humidity and needs indirect light. Nerve plants do well in terrariums. 

White Fusion Calathea has large leaves that are elegantly variegated with dark green, white, and light green. This Calathea makes a dramatic and sophisticated statement. Prefers bright indirect light.

Sansevieria Zeylanica is a sword-leaf snake plant with gorgeous white striations on dark green leaves. Snake plants are amazingly low light tolerant, and add an element of structure to a room.

Australian Tree Fern features classic lush fern-like fronds, but it’s not a groundcover fern. This fern can grow up to 15 feet tall, and the fronds can be up to 10 feet long. In classic fern style, they like lots of moisture, so don’t let them dry out. 


Peperomia, ZZ Plant, Philodendron for the home from Ted Lare


Peperomia Ginny has large waxy leaves. Each leaf of this pretty pep has a different pattern of creamy white and bright green, accented with pink edges. Peperomia prefers bright filtered light.

ZZ Raven adds a touch of shadow and dramatic contrast to your houseplant jungle. The leaves emerge a bright chartreuse green, and then mature to darkest purple, almost black. ZZ plants are happy in low-light or bright light and prefer dry soil.

Birkin Philodendron is refined and elegant, featuring perfect white pinstripes on its large and lush green leaves. This slow grower will hang out in your favorite pot for a long time. It prefers indirect light and dry soil.

Pitcher Plants feature lush green leaves, and then they also have more sinister leaves that have adapted into long narrow pitchers. Pitcher plants are carnivorous, so they’ll eat any bugs that fall into their pitchers. The tube pitchers do need to have water in them to avoid drying out.


Begonias, African Mask, and Chinese Evergreen plants for the home from Ted Lare


Strawberry Begonias are a unique Begonia that has a trailing habit, similar to spider plants. Their leaves are dark green featuring pale green veins and bright red stems and have a rounded shape with scalloped edges. Begonia’s like to be evenly moist and prefer indirect light.

African Mask has arrowhead-shaped leaves that can get quite large. The leaves are shiny and very dark green, with contrasting white veins. African mask is more of a medium-high maintenance houseplant. We wrote a whole blog about caring for African Masks, in case you fall in love with their exotic style.

Chinese Evergreen has large leaves that feature attractive striations. We have two different types of Chinese evergreen: green and white, and green and orangey-yellow. They are an excellent low-light and easy-care option. 


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False Aralia has quite a bit of personality, with its dark green-almost black leaves. The narrow leaves have sawtooth edges and are quite long, giving it a bit of a gothic style. False Aralia is easy to care for, and tolerant of low or bright light.

Triostar Stromanthe adds color and elegance to your houseplant collection. Its beautiful leaves are patterned with green and white on top and gorgeous, deep pink on the undersides and stems. Sometimes the pink shows up in the white sections on top as well. They like medium-bright light and evenly moist soil.



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