Lilac Blight in Iowa

lilac bush in bloom

Lilac blight has always been present in Iowa.  However, over the last several years, conditions have been more favorable for the disease, giving it the opportunity to really spread and progress. We are seeing widespread damage to lilacs in Iowa and across the Midwest.

Magnolias to Grow In Iowa

Magnolia tree in bloom

Magnolias are not just reserved for southern landscapes, there are many varieties that will thrive in Iowa as well.

How to Grow Gorgeous Fall Mums at Home

Ted Lare Design & Build - Grow Mums for Gorgeous Fall Color-chrysanthemum flowers with ornamental kale

Mums are perfect for your garden in the fall! To get the longest-lasting fall color from your mums, choose a plant that is dense with perky, dark-green foliage.

The Many Benefits and Uses of Peat Moss


How does peat moss improve your soil? Learn the basics of peat moss, why it’s helpful in many applications in your garden, and a few popular alternatives!

The Many Colors of Coneflowers

Ted Lare Design & Build -The Many Colors of Coneflowers in Iowa- multi colors of echinacea

Coneflowers, also known as echinacea, are gorgeous showy perennials that are easy to take care of, have medicinal properties, and come in nearly every color you can imagine!

Big Leaf Houseplants

-ted lare garden center -large leaf houseplants - monstera deliciosa

From Banana Trees to Philodendrons to Ficus plants, these big leaf house plants could be a perfect addition to your collection.

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