How to Make a Driftwood Succulent Planter

succulent planter Ted lare design and build

Succulents are some of the decade’s most popular houseplants. Since these adorable plants are typically small enough to group into fun arrangements, more and more people are getting crafty to find new and unique ways to display their succulents. One of our favorite looks is the driftwood succulent planter. Whether you’ve collected some driftwood from […]

How to Refresh and Revive Succulents After Winter

How to refresh and revive succulents after winter

The popularity of succulents is hard to miss. As they become increasingly trendy, they seem to be showing up everywhere. These plants are popular thanks to their eye-catching appearance, a welcome variation from all of the popular varieties that have been houseplant staples for years, but also due to their low-maintenance nature. Simple to care […]

DIY Terrariums

terrariums in glass

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”-Alice Walker Terrariums are not just a hot designer trend, they’re also incredibly versatile and easy to add to any home decor! While it can be convenient to find something that’s a perfect fit right on the store shelf, we love that terrariums […]

Succulent Birdcage

Succulent birdcage antique design decor home style living lifestyle creative diy project

The latest in gardening trends can sometimes come from the most unexpected places, and succulents have certainly held the spotlight for gardening trends for a while. Repurposing antique bird cages for a unique display, however, is a fresh idea that makes a new and striking twist on a current favorite. The latest in gardening trends can […]

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