Top-Notch Shade Trees

Shade trees at Ted Lare

These trees not only create shade for you and your family in your yard but also provide a habitat for birds and animals!

What Hydrangeas Can I Grow? Options for Sun and Shade

pink, blue, and purple hydrangeas Ted Lare

Many people think that you need a shady garden in order to grow hydrangeas. While that is true for some varieties, some hydrangeas thrive in sunny spots and even need full sun to develop into the fullest plants and the brightest blooms.  There are many types of hydrangea available, so it’s important to know which […]

Small Shade Trees: Your Best Options for Small Spaces

small garden with shade trees ted lare

You love those colorfully blooming trees that you see everywhere in spring, but your yard is fully shaded and surrounded by large trees. So can you add a smaller colorful tree? You definitely can. Several kinds of trees will perform well in shady places with lots of other trees around.  First, you need to determine […]

The Best Shade Trees for Iowa

There are many benefits of having shade trees in your yard. Not only do they provide a pleasant reprieve from the hot summer sun, but they also improve air and water quality in our neighborhoods, provide habitats for native wildlife, and prevent erosion. Shade trees can even reduce heating and cooling costs in our homes, have a […]

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