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Lilac Blight in Iowa

lilac bush in bloom

Lilac blight has always been present in Iowa.  However, over the last several years, conditions have been more favorable for the disease, giving it the opportunity to really spread and progress. We are seeing widespread damage to lilacs in Iowa and across the Midwest.

Magnolias to Grow In Iowa

Magnolia tree in bloom

Magnolias are not just reserved for southern landscapes, there are many varieties that will thrive in Iowa as well.

Dazzling Daylilies for Your Iowa Garden

Who doesn’t love daylilies? They’re a reliable, easy to grow perennial that flowers beautifully. Because they’re so popular and easy to grow, breeders have developed and registered over 15,000 varieties! Daylilies are a great plant to make the transition from spring to midsummer. These are primarily a June to July bloomer here in Iowa. They […]

The Best Perennials for All-Summer Color

perennial salvia-ted lare

Our early spring blooming perennials are starting to wind down in Iowa, and we’re heading into summer. Flower gardens are looking fresh and full across the state, but as we head into the hottest months, some of those spring and early summer blooms are starting to fade a bit in the intensity of summer heat.  […]

How to Grow Citrus in Iowa

mini lemon tree ted lare design & build

While an imported orange from Florida or California might hit the spot, imagine the satisfaction of biting into an orange from your own personal grove! Some citrus trees do very well as houseplants, so you can grow them yourself right here in Iowa! All you need to grow citrus is a little patience and care. […]

The Best Flowering Shrubs for Des Moines

weigelias-ted lare

Flowering shrubs are an excellent addition to any yard. They add structure and depth to your landscaping, they can be used for hedging or as accents, and when in flower, they add gorgeous color and even fragrance to your yard! Here are a few of our favorite flowering shrubs that thrive in Central Iowa.  Summersweet […]

Container Garden Inspiration for Your Patio

Container gardens have made gardening more accessible to many people. They’re perfect for people who only have a patio or porch, for those with mobility issues, beginner gardeners, and even kids. If you have a container garden with herbs and vegetables right outside your door, it’s nice and easy to pop out and grab a […]

The Best Landscape Border Materials for the Long Haul

stone mulched garden ted lare design & build

When you plan your landscaping, you are planning for the long term. You want everything, especially border edging, to last as long as possible—no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Since landscaping is often one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your property, it can feel like you’ve wasted money if products […]

Top 10 Tomatoes for Your Iowa Garden

unripe tomato ted lare design & build

Tomatoes are a gardening favorite across the US and around the world. They’re tasty, they produce a lot of fruit for the size of the plant, and they’re pretty easy to grow. But there are literally thousands of different types of tomatoes to choose from, so how do you choose which ones to try for […]

Ted Lare’s Top New Annuals for 2020

coleus Ted lare design and build

Every year we try to bring in some new and exciting annuals to keep your garden fresh and interesting. This year is no exception! We’ve got some unique and beautiful options this year with beautiful flower colors, striking variegated leaves, and simply unique features. Here are our top new annuals for 2020! Coleus ‘Splish Splash’ […]

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