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Succulent Pumpkins DIY


“Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.”
– Simone Schwarz-Bart

Pumpkins are one of our favorite, iconic fall decorations, but it can be hard to imagine them in our home decor as anything other than a jack-o-lantern. It’s such a simple craft to carve a face into a big, orange pumpkin and then light a candle inside, that we even let our kids do it – with a little supervision. While carving up pumpkins can be just as artistic as you want it to be and will be a fall-time favorite that many of us partake in every year, the pumpkin has a new trend that is catching our attention, too. Move over, pumpkin spice, turning your pumpkins into adorable decorations fit for the entire year is the style this autumn.

two succulent stuffed pumpkins

Pumpkin Planters:

Pumpkins don’t just have to be the hosts for scary faces for a few short-lived weeks on our porches anymore! These gorgeous gourds have found a new niche as the carrier for some of our favorite, adorable houseplants. Plain pumpkins can easily transform into unique and captivating containers that are stuffed with spectacular succulents to add a creative and sophisticated twist to your fall decor, and making your own is simple:

Method 1: Cut and Paste

We’ve all been disappointed to see our super cute and creative pumpkin crafts wilt away only days after Halloween and it’s no mystery that pumpkins don’t last very long once we cut them open. Luckily, this method is cut-free so you can be confident that it’ll be looking its best for more than just a few weeks. Here’s how to make this cute planter happen at home:

You’ll Need:

  • pumpkin for each planter – any variety will work, but we love using flat-topped pumpkins, like Cinderellas, for easiest application
  • A hot glue gun or floral glue
  • Sphagnum moss, spanish moss or sheet moss
  • Succulent clippings

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  1. Clean your pumpkin. You’ll want your container to look fresh and polished, and will need to make sure that there’s no dust or dirt getting in the way of your glue.
  2. Glue on your moss. Use the hot glue gun or the floral glue to attach a layer of moss that’s ½ to 1” thick on top of your pumpkin. Make sure that you don’t leave any bare spots.
  3. Pick your succulents. You can purchase new, small succulents or, if you’re lucky enough to already have some thriving at home, you can take clippings from them, too. Make sure you let the stem dry and scab before you glue it on to prevent it from rotting.
  4. Glue on your succulents. It may sound crazy, but a little bit of glue on the stem of a succulent clipping won’t harm it. If you’re still worried, though, keep your glue gun on its lowest heat setting. You’ll want to go big in the middle and smaller on the sides  to create a balanced and pretty planter. You want your pumpkin to look like it’s bursting with life, not sinking in the center.
  5. Fill in the blank spots. Use the smallest of your succulents and clippings to fill in every crack and corner for the most polished look.

Your pumpkin is ready to shine all season, you can proudly displaying your new succulent garden. Once your planter inevitably starts to show its age, you can keep your succulents thriving by slicing off the top of your planter or gently prying the layer of moss and succulents off and planting it directly into a pot to enjoy for years more.

succulent stuffed pumpkin DIY

Method 2: Stuffing

Using glue to attach your succulents isn’t going to hurt them, but it could be committing to a look you aren’t finished playing with yet. For something that is a little more impermanent that lets you play with your plants in so many more ways, try this method:

You’ll Need:

  • A pumpkin (again, we recommend flat tops for this method, too)
  • A knife
  • A planter pot (something simple and plastic is just fine)
  • Succulents


  1. Get your pumpkin ready. Cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin that is the same size as your pot. Don’t worry about cleaning out the inside of your pumpkin too much unless the seeds are in the way.
  2. Get your pot ready. Plant your favorite succulents in the pot as densely as you can, packing them until they look like they are overflowing. You’ll want your planter to look like it has a lush bouquet of succulents in it for the prettiest and most impressive look.
  3. Plant the pot in the pumpkin. Carefully place your container right inside of your pumpkin, hiding it inside. If it sinks in, you can use an overturned bowl to lift it.
  4. Decorate and fill it in. Finish up your container will some moss or trailing succulents to fill in all the gaps and make it look like a natural pumpkin-topper.

Having cut into your pumpkin, you know it isn’t a fabulous look that is going to last forever. The clean-up is simple, though. Lift your pot out of the pumpkin and you’re ready to move onto a fresh, new one or into any other creative container for your succulent garden.

succulent stuffed pumpkins DIY

Ted Lare Tips for Stellar Succulents :

No matter which way you choose to display your beautiful gardens, it’s all just the frills on top of your healthy and gorgeous plants. You’ll want to keep your succulents in great condition for them to be looking their best in any way that you choose to show them off. Remember to water your plants every few days – only a little mist or trickle to quench their thirst without drowning their roots. Keep their delicate leaves away from direct sunlight and protect them from temperature extremes, and they’ll be happy and thriving for years.

Pumpkins are a staple of the autumn season, but they don’t have to always have the same sad fate of being left on the stoop for a week’s enjoyment before they get thrown away. Pumpkins are the ultimate fall theme and we’re so excited to enjoy their gorgeous colors and style in fun, new ways this season. Your pumpkin will be happy to have a glamorous upgrade and shot at something prettier than scaring the neighborhood kids.


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