Spring Garden & Landscape Cleanup Checklist

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It’s time to get out into your yard and freshen it up for the coming growing season. Things can look pretty bleak this time of year, with the detritus of winter and spring not fully in leaf yet, but completing these garden and landscaping cleanup checklists will have your yard looking tidy and fresh, ready to usher in all the new growth that’s about to happen.

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Garden Spring Cleanup

  • Inspect and clean up any winter debris like fallen branches or any garbage that may have blown into your garden over the winter. 
  • Trim back last year’s growth on perennials once you start to see new green shoots amongst them. 
  • Remove any leftover annuals or plant debris from garden beds. 
  • Aerate garden beds and add a layer of compost to help improve the soil.
  • Clean pots or planters you want to use this year, discard anything that’s broken or worn out, store things you won’t be using.
  • Clean leftover vines and plant debris off any trellises or lattices so they’re ready for use again. 
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  • Be vigilant for weeds; some start really early. The earlier you can start pulling them, the better.
  • Divide clumping perennials and get the new splits planted right away.
  • If you planted a cover crop in your garden last fall, now is the time till it in to improve the soil.
  • Check out your garden tools and give them a good sharpen and cleaning if needed.
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Landscape Spring Cleanup

  • Clean up dead branches, leaves, and general mess around the yard. 
  • Clear away protective mulching, burlap wraps, windscreens, or rose cones from perennials and evergreens.
  • Inspect shrubs, especially evergreens, for signs of winterkill. 
  • Check your lawn by walking on it; if sections feel mushy, wait for it to dry before you do any lawn maintenance. 
cleaning and raking lawn thatch ted lare design & build
  • If your lawn is ready to go, rake or power rake it, aerate it if it hasn’t been done for a long time, then overseed bare patches, and apply a slow-release fertilizer before watering it. 
  • Clean up patio furniture, check it over for any damage and wash it to remove dust and cobwebs.
  • Edge the lawn and garden beds before things get growing too much. It’s easy to see where your edges should be and make nice clean lines now before your grass gets started.
  • Prune summer-blooming shrubs and trees (don’t prune spring-blooming shrubs like lilac or forsythia until they’re finished blooming.)
  • Get out your hoses and check that they’re in good shape with no leaks before you put them out, especially soaker hoses. It’s easier to get your soaker hoses in position before plants are in the ground.
eaves droughs with leaves ted lare design & build
  • Clean out your eavestroughs before the first big storm comes; you don’t want to be dealing with drainage problems and gutter blockages during a big storm.
  • Check decks and hardscaping for damage. Inspect rock walls, paving stones, and cement pads for cracking, lifting, warping, or loose bricks/stones.
  • Top up any areas where mulch has gotten thin or washed away. Mulch helps retain moisture, so it’s good to get it done before hot weather dries out the soil.


If you need any supplies to get your garden and landscaping freshened up this spring, swing by the garden center, we’ve got all the things you need to make spring cleanup as easy and efficient as possible.


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