Succulents & Cacti

Jade Plant 4″
Jade plants are an easy care houseplant that likes to...
Sedum Firestorm
Sedum Sunset
Sedum Sunset has gorgeous greenish-yellow leaves which sparkle golden orange...
Kalanchoe Flapjack
Kalanchoe Flapjack
Kalanchoe Flapjack has big beautiful round succulent leaves with reddish...
Blizzard Aloe
Aloe Blizzard
This beautiful aloe has pale green leaves marked with white...
Roller Coaster Crested Cacti
This very cool crested cacti is covered with furry white...
Giant Jewel Succulent
This pretty little succulent is a native to Africa.  If...
Baby's Necklace Succulent
Baby’s Necklace
Give this beautiful plant filtered light and ample airflow. Water...
Fuzzy Crested Cacti
This cool crested cacti goes by the name of stenocereus...
Green Crested Cactus
This beautiful crested cactus goes by the name of trichocereus...
Mousetail Cactus
An epiphiyte, the mouse tail cactus is native to Madagascar...
String of Pearls
This houseplant is one of our personal favorites! The delightful...

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