Strawberry Seduction Yarrow
Yellow-centered, sweet red flowers in dense clusters on upright stems...
Pomegranate Yarrow
Stunning cherry red flat topped flowers attract butterflies from early...
Royal Candles Speedwell (Veronica)
Expect a profusion of vibrant, violet-blue flower spikes over an...
Snow Hill Salvia
An exceptionally long bloomer with numerous spikes of bright white...
Caradonna Salvia
Spikes of violet-blue flowers on striking purple-black stems rise above...
Little Suzie Black Eyed Susan
Bright, daisy-like, golden yellow flowers with brownish-purple centers. Sturdy, compact,...
Variegated Japanese Iris
The perfect plant in moist borders, at the edge of...
Witches Hand Daylily
6" spider-form flower of rich red/burgundy above a golden-yellow throat....
Tuscawilla Tigress Daylily
This selection features large (7 inch) bright orange flowers with...
Millennium Allium
A profusion of large 2-inch round, bright, rosy purple flower...
Scarlet Orbit Daylily
Large rocket red with glowing chartreuse throat, fragrant, excellent early...
Primal Scream Daylily
This fragrant selection features small cranberry-red flowers with a yellow...
Pardon Me Daylily
This fragrant selection features small cranberry-red flowers with a yellow...
Night Embers Daylily
Sultry, double chocolate-red flowers on tall stems are highlighted by...
Moses Fire Daylily
This midsized daylily has unusual double cherry-red blooms, flushed with...
Manicured Majesty Daylily
Large flower of intense rosy-peach with a large burgundy eyezone...
Jungle Beauty Daylily
This selection features large (6 inch) deep purple-black flowers with...
Jolyene Nichole Daylily
This dwarf variety has very large (6 inch) medium-pink ruffled...
Indian Giver Daylily
Multiple award-winner Hemerocallis 'Indian Giver' is a breathtaking early midseason Daylily...
Happy Returns Daylily
A favorite perennial prized for its showy blooms. The large...
Dynamite Returns Daylily
Coined by Dr. Apps as his best overall quality rebloomer...
Chesapeake Crab Legs Daylily
Bright red/orange spider form flowers, light orange rays and a...
Bridgeton Invention Daylily
Super-cool flowers of creamy white with a magenta eyezone and...
Bridgeton Inspiration Daylily
This outstanding daylily sports large, orange-pink flowers, faintly edged in...
Zagreb Coreopsis
A prolific bloomer with bright, golden flowers on a small,...
Sunkiss Coreopsis
Huge, nearly 3" wide, golden yellow flowers with burgundy red...
Plum Pudding Coralbell
Shimmering plum-purple foliage with metallic silver highlights creates a tight...
Palace Purple Coralbell
The brilliant deep purple foliage provides a wonderful mass of...
Luxuriant Fernleaf Bleeding Heart
A superb perennial with a long blooming season. Delicate clusters...

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