ZZ Plant 6″
ZZ plants are one of the trendiest, easy to care...
Peace Lily Variegated 6″
This Variegated Peace Lily is an easy-to-grow low maintenance houseplant.
Calathea Rattlesnake 6″
This charming plant is known for its beautiful green and...
Peperomia Watermelon 6″
Peperomia Watermelon is a beautiful wandering plant!
Fiddle Leaf Fig 4″
Fiddle Leaf Figs are a very trendy plant for homes...
Syngonium Mojito 4.5″
Syngonium Mojito is a rare houseplant that features stunning green...
Ficus Moonshine Variegata ‘Shivereana’ 5″
Each new leaf will be a surprise as they range...
Philodendron Jose Buono 10″
This plant features large paddle-shaped leaves with variegation ranging from...
Rhaphidophora Decursiva 8″
This plant has large, shinny, deep green lobed leaves that...
Epipremnum Amplissimum 4″
Thiss plant is also known as Devil’s Ivy and features...
Ficus Yellow Gem 6″
Ficus Yellow Gem has unique bright green leaves that present...
Monstera Thai Constellation
Monstera Thai Constellation has gorgeous variegated, speckled leaves that are...
Pothos Pearls and Jade Hanging Basket 8″
Pothos Pearls and Jade is an eye catching Pothos that...
ZZ Variegata 4.5-6″
ZZ Variegata easy a super east to grow houseplant! It...
Syngonium Pink Spot 5″
Syngonium Pink Spot is a rare variety that features off...
Alocasia Odora Variegated 6″
This plant has large blade- shaped leaves with variegation of...
Philodendron Tripartitum 6″
Philodendron Tripartitum features three lobed leaves that can reach up...
Philodendron Melanochrysum 4″
This Philo is a rare, vining variety that has beautiful...
Monstera Peru 4″
Monstera Peru is a rare, fast growing plant which has...
Philodendron Ring of Fire 4.5″
The variation of colors on new leaves of this plant...
Philodendron Lemon 4″
Lemon Lime Philodendron has beautiful heart-shaped leaves that look stunning...
Sansevieria Zeylanica 6″
Sansevieria zylanica is a long, sword-like variety with variegation of...
Sansevieria Laurentii 3″
Sansevieria laurentii has taller, upright leaves with a light-dark green...
Sansevieria Marsha Anjani 4.5″
Sansevieria Marsha Anjani is a semi dwarf variety with unique,...
Sansevieria Jaboa 4″
Sansevieria jaboa has long, upright, arching leaves that have a...
Sansevieria Zeylanica 10″
Sansevieria zylanica is a long, sword-like variety with variegation of...
Hoya Polyneura (short) 3″
Hoya polyneura, also known as the fish-tail Hoya, produces beautiful,...
Hoya Krohniana (silver spot) 3″
Hoya krohniana 'Super Silver' is a rare, distinctive Hoya featuring...
Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata 3″
Hoya veuschkeliana variegata will have thick, small, variegated leaves and...
Hoya Engleriana 3″
Hoya engleriana is another unique variety is it stands more...
Hoya Densifolia 3″
Hoya densifolia is unique because it grows more upright than...
Hoya Sipitangensis 3″
Hoya plants are actually a slow growing vine, this tropical...
Hoya Retusa 8″ Hanging Basket
Hoya retusa is unlike your typical Hoya because it has...
Hoya Wayetii 6″
Hoya wayetii is known for its pointed, slender leaves with...
Hoya ‘Patricia’ 3″
Hoya patricia is known for its lighter green leaves and...

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