Tabletop Succulent Christmas Tree
Enjoy a beautiful living tabletop succulent tree through the holiday...
Blooming Amaryllis in 6″ Pot
Enjoy some beautiful amaryllis for the holiday season.  These plants...
Cyclamen 4″ Pot
These beauties will keep you in color for the holiday...
Lavendar Tree 4″ Pot
This beautiful little holiday tree is perfect for decorating (and...
Polka Dot Plant 4″
These beautiful polka dot plants make a lovely addition to...
Red Poinsettia
Dress up your home for the holidays with a beautiful...
White Poinsettia
Dress up your home for the holidays with a beautiful...
Thanksgiving Cactus 4″
Thanksgiving cactus are a gorgeous plant for the holiday season.
Norfolk Pine 4″
Norfolk pine works great when used as a holiday tree...
Frosty Fern 4.5″
Frosty ferns are amazing for holiday decorating!  Their edges or...
Variegated Candy Cane Kalanchoe 4″
Decorate for the holidays in style with these goregous indoor...
Lemon Cypress Tree
Lemon cypress tree make the perfect indoor mini holiday tree!
Silver Sword Philodendron 6″ Pot
This beautiful philodendron has gorgeous silvery leaves that is sure...
Variegated Burle Marx Philodendron 6″ Pot
This gorgeous lady has beautiful variegated leaves and is growing...
Swiss Cheese Totem Pole 4″
This gorgeous plant will make a beautiful statement in any...
Swiss Cheese Plant Hanging Basket
The swiss cheese plant is a statement plant that will...
Pilea Peperomioides 4″ Pot
Pilea peperomioides is also known as the Chinese Money Plant,...
Florida Beauty 4″ Pot
Florida Beauty is a type of dracena.  It loves bright...
Fittonia 4″
Nerve Plant or Fittonia has beautifully patterned leaves with either...
White Fusion Calathea 4″
This calathea has gorgeous white and green leaves with purple...
Curly “Bonnie” Spider Plant 4″ Pot
This curly variegated spider plant will add a bright pop...
Sanseveria Black & Gold 6″
Sanseveria are also called mother-in-laws-tongue. They are among the easiest...
Sanseviera Zeylanica 10″
Sanseveria are also called mother-in-laws-tongue. They are among the easiest...
Whale Fin Sanserveria
Sanserveria are also called mother-in-laws-tongue. This particular variety is also...
ZZ Plant 10″
ZZ plant is a great choice for areas of low...
Marble Queen Pothos 4′ Totem
This beauty will light your home with happiness with her...
Peperomia Ginny
Monstera Ginny 4″ Pot
This beautiful peperomia has large waxy leaves that are a...
Hoya retusa
Hoya retusa has unique small flat and narrow leaves and...
Birkin Philodendron 6″
Philodendron Birkin makes a striking houseplant.  Place in bright indirect...
Aralia 4.5″
Aralia are a easy to care for indoor tree that...
Terrarium Ferns 2″
These are miniature ferns perfect for building terrariums many of...
Fairy Flowers 3″
Fairy flowers are perfect miniature plants that work well in...
Madagascar Palm 4.5″
Madagascar Palms are not actually true palms but a succulent....
Peace Lily Domino 6″
Peace lilies are a popular blooming houseplant for low light...
Pitcher Plant 2″ ( Long Tubes )
This plant has bite! It's a true carnivorous plant that...
Terrarium Plants 2″
These miniature plants are perfect for building terrariums or miniature...
Hoya Crimson Queen 6″ Hanging Basket
Crimson Queen is an easy to care for Hoya with...
Pitcher Plant 6″ Hanging Basket
A plant with bite! This is a carnivorous plant that...
Pothos Pearls & Jade 10″ Hanging Basket
Pearls & Jade is a beautiful variegated Pothos with smaller...
Fastia japonica
Although a perennial in warmer climates, here it can be...
Pitcher Plant 2″
A small plant with a big bite! This plant is...
Venus Fly Trap 2″
A small plant with a big bite! This plant is...
Pothos Neon 4.5"
Pothos Neon 4.5″
Neon Pothos has lime green-leaves and a trailing habit, making...
Schefferla 10″
This is Schefflera Amate or also called Umbrella Schefflera. Its...
Philodendron Green 4.5″
Philodendron green colored is a dark green colored plant with...
Philodendron Brasil 4.5″
Philodendron is has unique green/lime colored leaves. It has a...
Jade Plant 4″
Jade plants are an easy care houseplant that likes to...
Pepperomia Frost 4.5″
Pepperomia Frost is a variety that has rippled leaves with...
Pepperomia Owl Eye 6″
Pepperomia Owl Eye is a great variety that is unique...
Pepperomia 6″
This Pepperomia has interesting variegated leaves! Growth habit is upright...
Strawberry Begonia 6″
Strawberry Begonias are easy-care houseplants that have a growth habit...
Sanseveria 4.5″
Sanserveria are also called mother-in-laws-tongue. They are among the easiest...
Fiddle Leaf Fig 4.5″
Fiddle Leaf Fig is a trendy newer houseplant that does...
Polka Dot Plant 4.5″
Polka Dot Plant is easy to see why they got...
English Ivy 4″
English Ivy are an old fashioned favorite, they have a...
African Mask 4.5″
African Mask have unique foliage that makes them sought after....
ZZ Plant 8″
ZZ plant is a great choice for areas of low...
African Violet 4.5″
African Violets are a very good choice for blooming houseplants,...
Dracena Lemon Lime 4.5″
Dracena-Lemon Lime is an easy care houseplant for low light...
Spider Plant 4.5″
Very Easy! This plant is also called airplane plant. It's...
Dracena 6″
Dracena is also known as Corn Plant. It's a decorative...
Rubber Plant 10″
Rubber Plants are one of the easiest houseplants, This is...
Aglaonema 8″
Agloanema is also called Chinese Evergreen is one of the...
Philodendron Burle Marx 10″
Berle Marx Philodendron is an upright plant with glossy green...
Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen 6.5″
Agloanema is also called Chinese Evergreen. These plants are known...
Arrowhead 4.5″
Symposiums are very easy to care for houseplants with leaves...
Prayer Plant 4.5″
Prayer Plant Calathea is called this because the leaves will...
Air Plants
Add some beautiful air plants to your home plant collection. ...
Sedum Firestorm
Sedum Sunset
Sedum Sunset has gorgeous greenish-yellow leaves which sparkle golden orange...
Kalanchoe Flapjack
Kalanchoe Flapjack
Kalanchoe Flapjack has big beautiful round succulent leaves with reddish...
Blizzard Aloe
Aloe Blizzard
This beautiful aloe has pale green leaves marked with white...
Ficus 8″
Neon Pothos is a great plant for beginners! It has...
Pothos Neon
Pothos Neon 8″ Hanging Basket
Neon Pothos is a great plant for beginners! It has...
Ficus Quercifolia 4.5″
This plant similar to Creeping Ficus Vine but this variety...
Pothos Green Hanging Basket 8″
Pothos is arguably the easiest of all houseplants to grow!...
Aralia 6″
Aralia is a tree-like houseplant that has very fine feathery...
Pothos N
Philodendron Lemon 8″ Hanging Basket
Philodendron Lemon has bright green almost neon leaves! The color...
Olive Tree 6″
This is an Olive tree but it is more so...
Hoya wayetti 4.5″
Hoya wayetti has very long slender leaves that are green,...
Hoya kentiana 4.5″
Hoya kentiana has very long slender leaves that are green....
Anthurium 4.5″
Anthuriums have bright red, white or pink flowers that last...
Rainbow Peacock Fern HB 8″
Rainbow Fern is one of a wonderfully interesting plant that...
String of Pearls
This houseplant is one of our personal favorites! The delightful...
Triostar Stromanthe
This plant has gorgeous leaves with white and green variations...
Ruby Cascade Peperomia 6″
This pretty little plant has round green succulent like leaves...
Goldfish Plant 6″
The goldfish plant get its name from the pretty orange...
Moonlight Philodendron
This one of our favorite easy to care for houseplants! ...

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