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Get the perfect gift for the gardener in your life...
Pansy Giant Mejestic Mix 4.5"
Pansy 4.5″
Pansies are cool season annuals that can be planted in...
Jumbo Pansy 6 Pack All
Pansy Jumbo 6 Pack
$7.99 $4.80
Pansies are cool season annuals that can be planted in...
Pansy 6 Pack All
Pansy 6 Pack
$3.49 $2.10
Pansies are very cold tolerant annuals great for planting in...
Snapdragon 6 Pack All
Snapdragon 6 Pack
Snapdragons are cool season annuals that can be planted in...
Dianthus 6 Pack All
Annual Dianthus 6 Pack
This Dianthus is also known as Sweet William to some....
Brown Mulch
Brown Mulch 2 cu. ft.
Mahaska Mulch Radiant Brown Mulch. The hardwood mulch retains soil...
Sweet Basil 4.5″
Sweet basil plays a role in many Mediterranean, and particularly...
Espoma-Organic Potting Mix 2 cu.ft.
Organic potting mix contains a rich blend of only the...
String of Pearls 4.5″
This houseplant is one of our personal favorites! The delightful...
Sungro- Professional Growing Mix 2.8 cu.ft.
Great for Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets, Vegetables, Perennials, Cell Packs,...
Succulent Plugs
Succulent Plugs
This baby succulent collection is made up of mostly hens...
Cabbage Gold Age 4 Pack
Grow your own Cabbage! This is a cold weather crop...
Hardwood Mulch
Hardwood Mulch 2 cu. ft.
Mahaska Mulch Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch 2 cu. ft. is...
Zinnia-Benary’s Giant
Magnificent when in bloom and easy to grow, this beautiful,...
Rosemary ‘Barbecue’ 4.5″
A rosemary selection with foliage that has especially remarkable flavor...
Amethyst Gem Lenten Rose #1
Striking, deep amethyst-rose-colored, double blooms with shimmery white margins and...
Espoma-Organic Potting Mix 16 Qt.
Organic potting mix contains a rich blend of only the...
Zucchini-Black Beauty
Compact everbearing bush plants are loaded with glossy green-black fruits...
Kale Red Russian 4 Pack
Kale Red Russian is a gourmet variety has red-purple veins...
Variegated Lemon Thyme 4.5″
Lemon thyme is a popular culinary herb. It can be...
Cilantro 4.5″
Use cilantro as a flavorsome addition to soups, salads, curries,...
Parsley 4.5″
Because of its light scent and fresh taste, parsley can...
Mojito Mint 4.5″
Mojito Mint can be dried and used as a tea....
Italian Oregano 4.5″
Some of the most common uses of oregano include tomato-centric...
Green Velvet Boxwood
A full-bodied boxwood well-suited for dense, low hedges. Foliage retains...
Kale- Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch
Gorgeous finely curled blue-green leaves hold their color even in...
Air Plants
Add some beautiful air plants to your home plant collection. ...
Polka Dot Plant 4.5″
Polka Dot Plant is easy to see why they got...
Bonide-Repels All 32oz.
Great for repelling those pesky garden ruffians.
Spinach -Bloomsdale
Vigorous upright plants with dark green, glossy, savoyed leaves. Fine...
Lettuce-Grandpa Admire’s
Bronze-tinged leaves form large loose heads. Mild flavor, slow to...
Heavy crops of excellent quality, brittle, stringless 6-7" pods. Productive...
Nasturtium-Tip Top
This strain of nasturtium is noteworthy because it holds a...
Brussel Sprouts Jade Cross 4 pack
Jade Cross is an extra-early maturity makes planting for fall...
French Thyme 4.5
One of the most flavorful of all the thyme varieties,...
Lavender 4.5″
The flower and the oil of lavender are used to...
Bulb Jack In The Pulpit
Jack-in-the-pulpit is an excellent woodland garden plant, very easy to...
Moonlight Philodendron 6″
This one of our favorite easy to care for houseplants! ...
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma 6″ Pot
The Rhaphidorphora tetrasperma is a beautiful plant to add to any...
Burgundy Oxalis 4.5″ Pot
Burgundy Oxalis is also known as the Purple Shamrock Plant...
Begonia Maculata
The begonia maculata polka dot plant is a real show...
Anthurium Livium 6″
Anthurium is a blooming houseplant that has long lasting flowers....
Coffee Plant 4″
This is the plant that produces coffee but this variety...
Spider Plant 4.5″
Very Easy! This plant is also called airplane plant. It's...
African Mask 4.5″
African Mask have unique foliage that makes them sought after....
Sanseveria 4.5″
Sanserveria are also called mother-in-laws-tongue. They are among the easiest...
Philodendron Brasil 4.5″
Philodendron is has unique green/lime colored leaves. It has a...
Silvery Pink Younique Astilbe #1
Showy perennial for beautiful summer color in shady areas. Fragrant...
Minuet Weigela
Enjoy a spectacular display of rosy-pink blooms against a backdrop...
Aster-New England
One of the tallest and most magnificent of the fall...
Mint Pruning Shears
Harvest the fruits of your labor or deadhead for a...
Balter Pot
These small clay pots include pretty patterns in neutral colors,...
Sunshine Ceramic Pot
This beautiful terracotta pot is hand painted in Spain.  It...
Grandmas Garden Art Pot 6″
Create an easy gift-to-go by dropping in a 5" or...
Mousetail Cactus
An epiphiyte, the mouse tail cactus is native to Madagascar...
Spring Planter Pink & White
Pink & White Spring Planter 12″
This mixed spring planter will tolerate any cold weather that...
Collard-Ellen Felton Dark Collard
This heirloom collard dates to at least 1935 and produces...
Lettuce-Lettuce Mix
This well-balanced mix of cutting lettuces brings any salad to...
Radish-French Breakfast
Oblong and blunt, rose-scarlet with a white tip. White crisp...
Radish-Early Scarlet Globe
Early forcing radish for home or market gardeners, good for...
Round 2-4" white radish with a stunning dark pink and...
Watermelon-Moon and Stars
The 15" dark green oval fruits are covered with pea-sized,...
Pea-Amish Snap
Superb snap pea reportedly grown in the Amish community long...
Preferred by market growers as a “straight pack” sort for...
Produces bumper crops for fresh eating and pickling, with fruits...
Bean-Kentucky Wonder Bush
If you're looking for the same fine attributes of the...
Carrot-St. Valery
Deliciously sweet and excellent for storage, the fine-grained, red-orange roots...
Broccoli-De Cicco
Compact 2-3' plants produce a 4" central head. After the...
Beet-Bull’s Blood
A cool-weather plant that is as ornamental as it is...
Morning Glory-Grandpa Ot’s
This morning glory bears beautiful deep-purple flowers with red stars...
Spider Flower-Mix
Airy blossoms in a mix of rose, pink, purple, and...
Cosmos-Sea Shells
Delivering multitudes of open-petalled flowers in shades of pink, red,...
Poppy-Hungarian Blue Breadseed
Sitting above its silvery, highly cut foliage, the striking, purple-petaled...
Sweet Potato-Covington
Covington sweet potatoes are small to medium in size and...
This North American native attracts bees, hummingbirds, moths, and butterflies.
Cabbage Red Delight 4 pack
This is a cool season crop that can be grown...
Cauliflower Snow Crown 4 Pack
This Vigorous hybrid shows Good quality, medium-size heads whether harvested...
Minature Blueberry Top Hat 6″
An exceptionally hardy variety, it’s cold tolerant to zone 3....
Chocolate Mint 4.5″
Chocolate mint leaves have a delightful minty chocolate flavor, much...
Peppermint 4.5"
Peppermint 4.5″
Peppermint has many uses, can be used to flavor foods...
Bulb Trillium luteum
A classic spring-blooming, woodland wildflower. Excellent when massed in a...
Bulb Elephant Ear Hilo Beauty
Elephant Ear Hilo Beauty is a beautiful variegated variety. These...
Goldfish Plant
The goldfish plant get its name from the pretty orange...
Aglonema 6″ Pot
Aglonemas are an easy to care for plant that has striking...
Philodendron Bloody Mary Hanging Basket
Philodendron Bloody Mary is a variety that has very dark,...
Rainbow Fern HB 8″
Rainbow Fern is one of a wonderfully interesting plant that...
Hoya obavata 4.5″
Hoya obavata has stout rounded leaves sometimes speckled in silver,...
Hoya Hindu Rope 4.5″
Hoya Hindu Rope is known for its unique leaf style...
Chinese Money Plant 4.5″
Chinese Money Plant is named for the perfect-circle leaves which...
ZZ Plant 6″
ZZ plant is the easier of the easiest houseplants to...
Dracena 4.5″
Dracena-Lemon Lime is an easy care houseplant for low light...
African Violet 4.5″
African Violets are a very good choice for blooming houseplants,...
Fiddle Leaf Fig 4.5″
Fiddle Leaf Fig is a trendy newer houseplant that does...
Pepperomia Rana Verde 4.5″
Rana Verde is a variety that has green leaves with...
Jade Plant 4″
Jade plants are an easy care houseplant that likes to...
Philodendron Green 4.5″
Philodendron green colored is a dark green colored plant with...
Miniature Venus Fly Trap 1″
A small plant with a big bite! This plant is...
Miniature Pitcher Plant 1″
A small plant with a big bite! This plant is...
Pitcher Plant 8″ Hanging Basket
A plant with bite! This is a carnivorous plant that...
Viola 4.5 " Johnny Jump Up
Viola 4.5″ Johnny Jump Up
$5.99 $3.60
Violas like Pansies are cool season annuals that can be...
Ice N Roses White Lenten Rose #1
Lenten Roses are wonderful plants for the early spring garden. ...
Penny’s Pink Lenten Rose #1
A beautiful selection with fantastic foliage that heralds spring with...
Painted Doubles Lenten Rose #1
Large double flowers with white bicolor petals, each artistically brushed...
Luxuriant Fernleaf Bleeding Heart
A superb perennial with a long blooming season. Delicate clusters...
Berry Timeless Coralbell
A myriad of light pink flowers which age to a...
Fire Alarm Coralbell
Fiery, red hot foliage in early spring and fall. Spikes...
Annabelle Hydrangea
Stunning pure white flowers, much larger than others of the...
Yuki Cherry Blossom Deutzia
A shower of elegant pink flowers creates a carpet of...
Katsura Japanese Pieris
Arching racemes of pink bell-shaped flowers cascade over glossy foliage...
Brontosaurus Planter
This Brontosaurus planter is great for a perfect gift for...
Espoma-Organic Cactus Mix 8Qt.
Get beautiful and colorful results from your succulent plants with...
Espoma-Organic Perlite 8Qt.
Helps loosen heavy soils and prevent compaction. Aerates soil and...
Garden Safe-Fungicide3 24oz
Garden Safe Fungicide 3 is an effective fungicide for the...
Dr. Earth Life All Purpose Fert. 4lb.
Dr. Earth Life All Purpose Plant Food is formulated to...
Espoma-Organic Orchid Mix 4Qt.
All natural premium soil mix for Orchids. Improves drainage &...
Art School Petits Pots
Beautiful white glazed ceramic pot with a colorful rainbow band. ...
Cube Colored Cashe Pot
Cube Cashe Pot
Cube ceramic pot with drain plug, measures 3.75" x 3.75"
Giant Jewel Succulent
This pretty little succulent is a native to Africa.  If...
Blizzard Aloe
Aloe Blizzard
This beautiful aloe has pale green leaves marked with white...
Sedum Firestorm
Sedum Sunset
Sedum Sunset has gorgeous greenish-yellow leaves which sparkle golden orange...
Chioggia Beets are noted for their alternating red-and-white concentric rings...
Blue-green strap-like leaves are 3" wide by 10-18" long with...
Pea-Green Arrow
An English main crop variety and standard home and market...
Gourd-Gourd Mixture
This beautifully diverse ornamental gourd mixture contains equal portions of...
Squash-Golden Zuccini
This vivid yellow fruit was the first commercial B (bicolor...
Cucumber-Snow’s Fancy Pickling
Once a very popular small pickle, can still be used...
Cucumber-Early Fortune
Fruits measure 8" long. 55-60 days.
Bean-Climbing French
The beans of this historic variety are excellent for fresh...
This carrot’s beautiful red-purple exterior provides a striking contrast to...
Carrot-Scarlet Nantes
Cylindrical roots are 7" long with blunt tips, and its...
Beet-Detroit Dark Red
Great for canning and fresh eating, this variety is a...
The fresh leaves of this herb, commonly known as cilantro,...
Marigold-Starfire Signet
Bright green leaves and masses of single orange, gold, maroon,...
Cosmos-Sensation Mix
One of the earliest-blooming cosmos mixtures, this annual is a...
Spinach-Red Malibar
Free-branching climber with red leaf veins and stems.
Lettuce-Gold Rush
Lime-green leaves are strikingly frilled, curly, and crinkled!
Cucumber-Double Yield
A very early pickling type, this variety bears fruits that...
3-4" single and double flowers that are brilliant red, with...
Kohlrabi Konan 4 Pack
Kohlrabi Konan is AAS award-winning variety with, pristine, icy-green globes...
Cabbage 4 Pack
Cabbage is an easy-to-grow cool season crop, it comes in...
Orange Mint 4.5″
Orange Mint is a delicious herb plant perfect for summer...
Purple Sage 4.5″
Leaves are used in fish, pork and poultry dishes. Also...
Bulb Lily Oriental Trumpet Mix
Oriental Lily Bulb- Oriental lilies bloom in mid to late...
Bulb Dahlia Bahama Apricot
Dahlias can be grown outdoors in the summer, they can...
Bulb Dahlia Hawaii
Dahlias can be grown outdoors in the summer, they can...
Ruby Cascade Peperomia 6″ Hanging Basket
This pretty little plant has round green succulent like leaves...
Triostar Stromanthe
This plant has gorgeous leaves with white and green variations...
Anthurium 4″
Anthuriums have bright red, white or pink flowers that last...
Hoya pubicalix 4.5″
Hoya pubicalix has long slender leaves that are green, speckled...
Hoya kentiana 4.5″
Hoya kentiana has very long slender leaves that are green....
Hoya wayetti 4.5″
Hoya wayetti has very long slender leaves that are green,...
Olive Tree 6″
This is an Olive tree but it is more so...
Pothos N
Philodendron Lemon 8″ Hanging Basket
Philodendron Lemon has bright green almost neon leaves! The color...
Philodendron Basil Hanging Basket 8″
The leaves of Philodendron Brasil has a two-toned color green/light...
False Aralia 6″
Aralia is a tree-like houseplant that has very fine feathery...
Pothos Green Hanging Basket 8″
Pothos is arguably the easiest of all houseplants to grow!...
Ficus Quercifolia 4.5″
This plant similar to Creeping Ficus Vine but this variety...
Hoya Kerii 4.5″
This is Hoya kerri and is the leaf version- no...
Pothos Neon
Pothos Neon 8″ Hanging Basket
Neon Pothos is a great plant for beginners! It has...
Ficus 8″
Neon Pothos is a great plant for beginners! It has...
Rattail Cactus
The rattail cactus is best known for it's long trailing...
Philodendron Moonlight 4.5″
Philodendron Moonlight is a large leaf Philodendron that has bright...
Prayer Plant 4.5″
Prayer Plant Calathea is called this because the leaves will...
Arrowhead Syngonium 4.5″
Symposiums are very easy to care for houseplants with leaves...
Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen 6.5″
Agloanema is also called Chinese Evergreen. These plants are known...
Stromanthe Trio Star 4.5″
Stromanthe Trio Star is similar to growth habits and conditions...
Calathea Starshine 4.5″
Calathea Starshine has unique pattern leaves with green/white coloring. Like...
Philodendron Burle Marx 10″
Berle Marx Philodendron is an upright plant with glossy green...
Arboricola 6″
This Arboricola is variegated. You will also see this called...
Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen 8″
Agloanema is also called Chinese Evergreen is one of the...
Rubber Plant 10″
Rubber Plants are one of the easiest houseplants, This is...
Dracena 6″
Dracena is also known as Corn Plant. It's a decorative...
ZZ Plant 8″
ZZ plant is a great choice for areas of low...
English Ivy 4.5″
English Ivy are an old fashioned favorite, they have a...
Sanseveria Night Owl 6″
Sanserveria are also called mother-in-laws-tongue. They are among the easiest...
Strawberry Begonia 6″
Strawberry Begonias are easy-care houseplants that have a growth habit...
Pepperomia 6″
This Pepperomia has interesting variegated leaves! Growth habit is upright...
Pepperomia Owl Eye 6″
Pepperomia Owl Eye is a great variety that is unique...
Pothos Jessina 4.5″
Pothos Jessina is a green Pothos with slight- lime green...
Schefferla 10″
This is Schefflera Amate or also called Umbrella Schefflera. Its...
Pothos Neon 4.5"
Pothos Neon 4.5″
Neon Pothos has lime green-leaves and a trailing habit, making...
Fastia japonica
Although a perennial in warmer climates, here it can be...
Pothos Pearls & Jade 10″ Hanging Basket
Pearls & Jade is a beautiful variegated Pothos with smaller...
Moss Fern 4.5″
Moss fern are one of the easiest of the ferns...
Hoya Wayetti Variegated 6″
Unique and specialty plant! This is a Hoya Wayetti with...
Hoya Crimson Queen 6″ Hanging Basket
Crimson Queen is an easy to care for Hoya with...
Nasturtium 4″
Nasturtiums are a colorful plant that enjoys sun to part...
Ice N Roses Pink Lenten Rose #1
Lenten Roses are wonderful plants for the early spring garden. ...
Ice N Roses Red Lenten Rose #1
Lenten Roses are wonderful plants for the early spring garden. ...
Ivory Prince Lenten Rose #1
This beautiful hellebore was selected by the breeder for its...
Merlin Lenten Rose #1
Outward-facing, pale pink flowers transition to rose, then mature to...
Pink Frost Lenten Rose #1
Burgundy stems support leathery green leaves with a silver frosting....
Bartzella Itoh Peony #5
Very large, bright yellow double blossoms with a slight red...
Canary Brilliants Itoh Peony #5
A showy mid- to late season bloomer with a playful...
Caroline Constable Itoh Peony #5
Large, cupped, light reddish pink, fully double flowers with dark...
Keiko (Adored) Itoh Peony #5
Large, semi-double to double, lightly fragrant flowers on strong stems...
Apricot Blush Lenten Rose #1
From Marietta O'Byrne's meticulous breeding program, this hybrid features varying...
Blue Waterfall Bellflower
Wonderful trailing bell flower for over stone walls, between stepping...
Cat’s Pajamas Catmint
A purr-fect Catmint for every gardener.  The ball-shaped habit carries...
Clementine Dark Purple Columbine
Featuring fluffy double flowers that resemble a small Clematis bloom,...
Clementine Dark Red Columbine
Featuring fluffy double flowers that resemble a small Clematis bloom,...
Clementine Salmon Rose Columbine
Featuring fluffy double flowers that resemble a small Clematis bloom,...
Palace Purple Coralbell
The brilliant deep purple foliage provides a wonderful mass of...
Plum Pudding Coralbell
Shimmering plum-purple foliage with metallic silver highlights creates a tight...
Sunkiss Coreopsis
Huge, nearly 3" wide, golden yellow flowers with burgundy red...
Zagreb Coreopsis
A prolific bloomer with bright, golden flowers on a small,...
Snowcap Shasta Daisy
An outstanding dwarf variety with an abundance or large, single,...
Woops A Daisy Shasta Daisy
Petite daisy at just over a foot tall. 3-4" fluffy...
Bridgeton Inspiration Daylily
This outstanding daylily sports large, orange-pink flowers, faintly edged in...
Bridgeton Invention Daylily
Super-cool flowers of creamy white with a magenta eyezone and...
Chesapeake Crab Legs Daylily
Bright red/orange spider form flowers, light orange rays and a...
Dynamite Returns Daylily
Coined by Dr. Apps as his best overall quality rebloomer...
Happy Returns Daylily
A favorite perennial prized for its showy blooms. The large...
Indian Giver Daylily
Multiple award-winner Hemerocallis 'Indian Giver' is a breathtaking early midseason Daylily...
Cherry Cheeks Daylily
Multiple award-winner Hemerocallis 'Cherry Cheeks' is a late midseason Daylily which produces profuse...
Jolyene Nichole Daylily
This dwarf variety has very large (6 inch) medium-pink ruffled...
Jungle Beauty Daylily
This selection features large (6 inch) deep purple-black flowers with...
Manicured Majesty Daylily
Large flower of intense rosy-peach with a large burgundy eyezone...
Moses Fire Daylily
This midsized daylily has unusual double cherry-red blooms, flushed with...
Night Embers Daylily
Sultry, double chocolate-red flowers on tall stems are highlighted by...
Pardon Me Daylily
This fragrant selection features small cranberry-red flowers with a yellow...
Primal Scream Daylily
This fragrant selection features small cranberry-red flowers with a yellow...
Red Hot Returns Daylily
Brilliant cherry red, ruffled blossoms have a brightly contrasting yellow...
Scarlet Orbit Daylily
Large rocket red with glowing chartreuse throat, fragrant, excellent early...
Millennium Allium
A profusion of large 2-inch round, bright, rosy purple flower...
Strutter’s Ball Daylily
This selection features large (6 inch) glowing, deep cranberry-purple flowers...
Tuscawilla Tigress Daylily
This selection features large (7 inch) bright orange flowers with...
Witches Hand Daylily
6" spider-form flower of rich red/burgundy above a golden-yellow throat....
Valentine Bleeding Heart
A superb perennial with a long blooming season. Delicate clusters...
Cannon’s Double Azalea #5
An extremely hardy selection that produces a mass of multi-layered...
Emerald Spreader Yew #5
This exceptional, cold hardy, evergreen shrub is a perfect low-maintenance...
Hetz Midget Arborvitae #5
A small evergreen shrub with a dense, naturally globe-shaped growth...
Fire Chief Arborvitae #2
A nearly perfectly globe-shaped shrub with fine, bright gold spring...
Dwarf Korean Rhododendron
A hardy semi-evergreen shrub valued for its abundance of charming...
Little Quick Fire Hydrangea
This is a wonderful dwarf form of the popular Quick...
Quick Fire Hydrangea
Quick Fire blooms about a month before other Hardy Hydrangea...
Dwarf Korean Lilac
A dwarf, spreading lilac with reddish purple buds that open...
Spilled Wine Weigela
Spilled Wine has dark red, wavy leaves and a spreading...
Goldflame Spirea
A dense, upright mounded shrub with attractive bronze-tinged new growth...
Rosy Lights Azalea
A dense, upright mounded shrub with attractive bronze-tinged new growth...
Lil’ Ditty Withrod Viburnum
Space-saving dwarf viburnum!  An exceptional dwarf viburnum that is a...
Korean Spice Viburnum
Large clusters of spicy-scented, waxy pink buds open to white....
Haas Halo Hydrangea
Deep, bluish-green, leathery foliage and 14” pure white wide lace...
Little Lime Hydrangea
A new dwarf form of the popular Limelight Hydrangea, Little...
Japanese Garden Juniper
A dense mound of ground-hugging branches that radiate from the...
Autumn Jazz Viburnum
An adaptable and durable plant useful as a hedge or...
Seaside Serenade Fire Island Hydrangea
A parade of color with long-lasting, bi-color blooms that are...
Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangea
A profusion of exceptionally large, white blooms in summer that...
Globe Blue Spruce
This charming, globe-shaped evergreen shrub is dwarf, flat-topped and densely...
Everlow Yew
A distinctive and versatile evergreen with dense dark green foliage. ...
Pyramidal Green Mountain Boxwood
A vigorous evergreen shrub with bright green foliage that retains...
Natural Green Mountain Boxwood
A vigorous evergreen shrub with bright green foliage that retains...
Spiral Green Mountain Boxwood
A vigorous evergreen shrub with bright green foliage that retains...
Brakelights Red Yucca
Vibrant, brake light-red blooms are a great color improvement to...
Sonic Bloom Pearl Weigela
Sonic Bloom™ adds season-long drama to the garden with showy...
Birchleaf Spirea
The neat mound of rich green foliage provides the ideal...
PJM Rhododendron
A durable yet charming rhododendron with small trusses of bright...
Show Off Sugar Baby Forsythia
Show Off® Sugar Baby® forsythia is a true miniature selection...
Limelight Hydrangea
An exciting hardy hydrangea from Holland, Limelight has unique chartreuse...
Roseum Elegans Rhododendron
A vigorous-growing, medium-sized evergreen shrub, valued for its large trusses...
Holmstrup Arborvitae
This densely branched, compact, naturally narrow and conical evergreen has...
Emerald Green Arborvitae
A narrow, pyramidal evergreen with dense, emerald green foliage that...
Tahiti Rose of Sharon
Semi-double deep pink-purple flowers are accentuated with a deep red...
Gibraltar Azalea
Gibraltar Azalea is covered in stunning clusters of lightly-scented orange...
Mandarin Lights Azalea
From the Azalea program at U of MN. Blooms early...
Fine Line Buckthorn
Lacy fern-like foliage combined with a narrow columnar habit make...
Soft Serve Gold False Cypress
Soft Serve® false cypress has a neat, appealing shape and...
Sixteen Candles Summersweet Clethra
A profusion of upright fragrant white flower spikes attract butterflies....
Henry Lauder’s Walking Sick
Deciduous shrub famous for its twisted stems. This is a...
Grace Smoke Tree/Bush
A delightful composition of mixed textures with big feathery plumes...
Cool Splash Honeysuckle
First Editions® Cool Splash Bush Honeysuckle has attractive white-variegated dark...
Kodiak Orange Honeysuckle
This shrub pushes fall color to the limits with its...
Mystical (Magical) Flame Hydrangea
Fiery, flame colored blooms on a tough and sturdy plant!...
Little Henry Sweetspire Itea
This compact Sweetspire starts out the summer with a beautiful...
Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress
Its pretty fern-like foliage belies its durable nature. This plant...
Amber Jubilee Ninebark
Rounded and dense in habit with a bold array of...
Lemony Lace Elderberry
An exciting new elderberry with bright golden foliage! Fine, thread-like...
Black Lace Elderberry
Black Lace™ is a stunning development in Elderberry breeding. Intense...
Czechmark Trilogy Weigela
Czechmark® weigela are a new series that showcases just how much...
Flower Vase Wood Block
Flower Vase Art
This solid wood block has light blue back and edges...
Venus Fly Trap Art Medium
Made out of metal and standing around 3' tall. These...
Venus Fly Trap Art Mini
Made out of metal and standing around 1' tall. These...
Custom Planted Dinosaur
Custom Stegosaurus Planter
This planter is a perfect gift for any Dino-lover! This...
Triceratops Planter
This Triceratops planter is great for a perfect gift for...
T-Rex Planter
Tyrannosaurus Rex name translates to "terrible 'lizard" Let the king...
Metal Velociraptor 3′
The Velciraptor is known for being a fierce quick predator,...
Metal T-Rex 1′
The T-Rex is known for being a strong predator, let...
Metal Brontosaurus 1′
Brontosaurus is known for being one of the tallest Dinosaurs,...
Large Venus Fly Trap Metal Art
This art piece stands around 4' tall and is made...
Caladium Wall Art
6in x 6in Art Piece with metal edges
Black Mulch
Black Mulch 2 cu. ft.
Mahaska Mulch Radiant Black Mulch 2 cu. ft. is Mulch...
Cedar Mulch
Cedar Bark Mulch 3 cu. ft.
100% Organic Cedar Bark Mulch 3 cu. ft. is the...
Red Mulch
Red Mulch 2 cu. ft.
Mahaska Mulch Radiant Red Mulch. The hardwood mulch retains soil...
Pine Needle Mulch
Great for beds around evergreen trees and shrubs. One bail...
Espoma-Organic Potting Mix 8Qt.
Organic potting mix contains a rich blend of only the...
Espoma-Organic Cactus Mix 4Qt.
Get beautiful and colorful results from your succulent plants with...
Mosser Lee-Black Polished Stone 5lb.
Mosser Lee black River stones are polished to bring out...
Mosser Lee-Soft White Stone 5lb.
Mosser Lee soft white River stones are polished to bring...
Mosser Lee-River Gravel 5lb.
Mosser Lee River Gravel are small raw stones used to...
Mosser Lee-Forest Bark 1.5 Qt.
Mosser Lee forest bark adds a final touch of beauty...
Mosser Lee-Pearl Stone 1.5 QT.
Add a final touch of beauty and protection to all...
Mosser Lee-River Rock 5lb.
Mosser Lee River Rock provides a decorative cover to your...
Ft. McNair Buckeye
A beautiful specimen tree perfectly suited for use in smaller...
Black Tulip Magnolia #7
This is the darkest, most dramatic tulip magnolia of any...
Yellow Ribbon Arborvitae #10
A distinctive evergreen with a very narrow habit and showy,...
Maple Paperbark
A handsome tree with an oval to rounded crown, an...
Crimson King (Royal Red) Maple
This bold landscape tree creates dense shade with its large,...
Brandywine Maple
Forms a medium sized tree with upright oval crown. Green...
A much sought after native tree with edible flesh fruit...
Heritage River Birch
A beautiful, multi-branched tree prized for its highly textural, colorful,...
Native Flame American Hornbeam
Native Flame® leads the pack into bright fall colors. Selected...
Hearts of Gold Redbud
The first known gold-foliaged Cercis! Exceptional native redbud displays a...
Lavender Twist Redbud
Rosy lavender-pink flowers completely cover bare, slightly contorted, weeping branches...
Worplesdon Sweetgum
One of our most popular Sweet Gum trees, Liquidambar styraciflua...
Majestic Beauty Tulip Tree
Beautiful large garden tree gives spectacular show of fall color....
Tulip Tree
This very large shad tree has interesting yellow tulip like...
Dr. Merrill Magnolia
Vigorous-growing deciduous large shrub or small tree with dense branching...
Galaxy Magnolia
A profusion of stunning, large, deep reddish purple flowers that...
Leonard Messel Magnolia
A delightful specimen that develops stunning, bi-colored, flowers on bare...
Wada’s Memory Magnolia
This widely popular magnolia has white flowers 7 inches in...
Lolipop Crabapple
An excellent, compact growing Crabapple that resembles a lollipop. A...
Sargentina Crabapple
A dense, dwarf form whose profuse bright red buds open...
Chinquapin Oak
A large native oak with very glossy yellow-green leaves.  Handles...
Golden Weeping Willow
This Willow is one of the hardiest and most beautiful...
Swamp White Oak
A large native oak with attractive peeling bark.  Dark green...
Donald Wyman Crabapple
This larger spreading crabapple was discovered as a chance seedling...
Prairiefire Crabapple
An outstanding flowering tree with an upright form that becomes...
Venus Dogwood
A spectacular, fast-growing hybrid with exceptionally large, white, flower-like bracts....
Royal Raindrops Crabapple
One of the best of the newer crabapples, with vibrant...
Chanticleer Pear
Exquisite flowering tree displays a dazzling profusion of white flowers...
Redpointe Maple
Beautiful pyramidal maple with a relatively carefree growth habit, narrower...
Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple
One look is all you'll need to see that Fall...
Shantung Maple
Shantung maple ranks high on the list for autumn colored...
Urban Sunset Maple
Compact, upright and narrow, this tree calipers well and develops...
Exclamation London Planetree
A uniform, upright selection originating from the Morton Arboretum in...
Heritage Oak
Handsome dark green foliage, a broadly pyramidal form, and mildew...
Cupressina Columnar Norway Spruce
Elegant columnar selection, highly valued as an accent or perimeter...
Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac
Beautiful creamy-white blooms with a captivating fragrance spring through summer....
Eastern Redbud
A beautiful garden tree valued for its profusion of rosy...
Adirondack Crabapple
The Adirondack Crabapple tree is a small, upright grower with...
Crimson Spire Oak
Outstanding large columnar tree with dark green, mildew resistant foliage...
Red Jewel Crabapple
The Red Jewel Crabapple tree is a great crab for...
Black Hills Spruce
A highly desirable, naturally symmetrical cone-shape with a denser, more...
Valley Forge American Elm
Valley Forge Elm is the most resistant to Dutch Elm...
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Attractive foliage with burgundy red coloring turns brilliant scarlet in...
Hot Wings Tatarian Maple
Graceful upright branching structure fits well into small yards and...
Westerstede Swiss Stone Pine
A Dwarf upright swiss stone pine which is very hardy...
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
A shrub or small tree prized for its brilliant orange-red...
Bur Oak
Outstanding large native tree with dark green lobed leaves.  Very...
Quaking Aspen
This tree is most noted for its beautiful white bark,...
White Pine
An extremely useful, fast growing pine perfect for windbreaks and...
Autumn Gold Ginkgo
This superb selection is a fruitless male strain. Unique fan-shaped...
Prairie Sentinel Hackberry
This upright columnar hackberry fills the need for a columnar...
Persian Ironwood
An excellent small-scale shade tree with a colorful, spreading canopy...
Ann Magnolia
Flowers later than the star magnolia and thus avoids frost...
Red Sunset Maple
Considered one of the best for early fall color! The...
Autumn Flame Maple
Autumn Flame Red Maple features showy clusters of red flowers...
Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass
Create a stunning vertical effect with feathery stalks that emerge...
Espoma-Organic Peat Moss 8Qt.
All natural sphagnum peat Moss for improving heavy soils. Helps...
Espoma-Violet Food 8oz.
Ideal for use with all African violets & blooming indoor...
Espoma-Tree Tone 4lb.
Specifically designed to help in the development of the entire...
Osmocote-Outdoor/Indoor 2lb.
Keep flowers, vegetables, and the rest of your garden growing...
Miracle Gro-Garden Feeder
All Purpose Plant Food. Trigger lock for one-handed feeding. For...
Miracle Gro-Miracid 1lb.
Specially Formulated For Acid Loving Plants Such As Orchids, Azaleas,...
Miracle Gro-All Purpose Food 1lb.
For all flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs and houseplants. Safe for...
Miracle Gro-Bloom Booster 1lb.
Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Bloom Booster Flower Food is a special...
Vegetable & Garden Insect Spray 32oz.
This product kills outdoor pests on contact. Keeping your vegetable...
Rose and Flower Care 32oz.
Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Concentrate. 3 systemic products...
Color Me Blue Hydrangea Feed
Enhances already blue flowers for vivid color and vigor. Soil...
Rose and Flower Care 4lb.
Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Concentrate. 3 systemic products...
Color Me Pink Hydrangea Feed 2.75lb.
Color Me Pink makes hydrangea blossoms beautifully pink.
Espoma-Organic Insect Soap 24oz.
Organic multi-purpose insect killer insect soap. Safely controls insects on...
Espoma-Organic Insect Control 24oz.
Organic insect control. Safely controls insects on indoor and outdoor...
Espoma-Organic Neem Oil 24oz.
The 3 in 1 fungicide, miticide & insecticide. Ideal for...
Espoma-Organic Copper Soap 24oz.
Use for early & late blight on tomatoes. Controls powdery...
Osmocote Indoor Outdoor 8lb.
Feed indoor and outdoor potted plants for up to a...
Osmocote Flower & Vegetable Fert. 2lb.
Promotes vigorous top-growth and strong root development with Osmocote Smart-Release...
Espoma-Organic Flower Tone 4lb.
An all natural and organic plant food enhanced with thousands...
Preen-Vegetable Garden 5lb.
Absolutely Guaranteed To Prevent Weeds Effectively prevent weeds around your...
Shake Away-Fox Urine Granules
Shake Away provides an incredibly easy way to apply time-released,...
Bonide-Rot Stop 32oz.
Corrects calcium deficiency. Controls blossom end rot on tomatoes and...
Bonide-Eight Garden Dust 10oz
An outstanding vegetable garden insecticide - killing and repelling most...
Osmocote-Veggie and Flower Fert. 4.5lb.
Promote vigorous top-growth and strong root development with Osmocote Smart-Release...
Shake Away Coyote Urine Granules
Shake-Away Deer Repellent uses coyote urine to create the illusion that predators are...
Bonide-Hot Pepper Repellant 32oz.
Made from hot cayenne peppers. For use on fruits, vegetables...
Espoma-Organic Slug & Snail Bait
Espoma Organic Slug and Snail Control is attractive to slugs and snails and...
Shake Away 90-Day Granule Packs
The most effective way to protect your garden from hungry...
Bonide-Eight Yard and Garden 32oz.
Use as a general home and grounds spray to keep...
Lawn Weed & Crabgrass Killer 32oz.
Kills over 200 of the most common broad-leaf weeds, such...
Espoma-Organic Indoor! Houseplant Food 8oz.
Espoma organic indoor plant food is specially formulated with organic...
Espoma-Organic Weed & Grass Killer 24oz.
Quickly kills many annual weeds including dandelion, chickweed, thistle, Moss,...
Dr. Earth House Plant Food 1lb.
Dr. Earth Pump and Grow is a very quick and...
Miracle Gro-Orchid Mist 8oz.
Easy-to-use mist feeds plants instantly!
Bonide-Tree & Shrub Insect Control 1 Gal.
For use on listed fruit, nut and ornamental trees and...
Bayer-Brush Killer RTU 32oz.
Bayer Brush Killer Plus Concentrate penetrating formula kills tough brush,...
Espoma-Organic Fish! 24oz
Promotes roots & growth for all your plants. They establish...
Bonide-Orchard Spray Concentrate 16oz.
Great for citrus, fruit and nuts, and also vegetables, ornamentals,...
Bonide-Tree and Shrub Insect Control 32oz.
For use on listed fruit, nut and ornamental trees and...
Garden Safe-Take Root Hormone 2oz.
Great hormone for getting all those houseplant cuttings started! 2oz.
Gringo Rasta-Cal-Mag 16oz.
Fox Farm Gringo Rasta Cal-Mag strengthens cell walls and aids...
Plant Food Plus Insect Control Spikes
Protects and feeds up to 8 weeks without spraying. 2-in-1...
Heavy Plant Saucer 8″
Great for all of those leaky houseplant and patio pots....
Heavy Plant Saucer Round 8″
Great for all of those leaky houseplant and patio pots....
Heavy Plant Saucer 12″ Round
Great for all of those leaky houseplant and patio pots....
Heavy Plant Saucer-10″ Round
Great for all of those leaky houseplant and patio pots....
Heavy Plant Saucer-14″ Round
Great for all of those leaky houseplant and patio pots....
Schultz-Liquid Plant Food 8 oz.
Schultz All Purpose 10-15-10 Plant Food feeds all indoor and...
Bonide-Japanese Beetle Trap
The Bonide Japanese Beetle Bagger Trap is a throwaway item...
Bonide-Japanese Beetle Trap Lure Replacements
Replacement lure for the Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap.
Myke Tree & Shrub Mycorrhizae-1.4 QT.
Provide trees and shrubs with an all-natural product which effectively...
Myke Tree & Shrub Mycorrhizae-3.6 Qt.
Provide trees and shrubs with an all-natural product which effectively...
A.M. Leonard-Bypass Pruner
Bypass Pruners, great for all spring pruning needs!
Balcony Petits Pot
Balcony Petit Pot
This black and ivory ceramic pot has an attached saucer...
Ringlet Petit Pot
Ringlet Petit Pot
These beautiful ceramic pots have a beautiful ribbed texture with...
Geo Planter Round
This terracotta planter has a beautiful black pattern.  There are...
Footed Geo Planter Small
This terracotta planter has a beautiful black pattern.  There are...
Planter Terracotta 4"
Mini Ribbed Terracotta Planter 4″
This pretty little planter would be perfect for a succulent! ...
Mini Window Box Pot
This mini terracotta window box planter is hand painted with...
Lagos Bowl Petits Pot
This planter is made from concrete and painted white over...
Navajo Chevron Pot
This terracotta pot is painted with a white chevron pattern. ...
Cactus Night 6″ Art Pot
Create an easy gift-to-go by dropping in a 5" or...
Best Mom Ever 6″ Art Pot
Create an easy gift-to-go by dropping in a 5" or...
Boho Friend Art Pot 6″
Create an easy gift-to-go by dropping in a 5" or...
Dog Mom Art Pot 6″
Create an easy gift-to-go by dropping in a 5" or...
My Mom, My Friend Art Pot 6″
Create an easy gift-to-go by dropping in a 5" or...
Art Pot Night Cactus
Night Cactus Art Pot 6″
6" plastic art pot with green back ground filled with...
6" Art Pot Best Mom Ever
Best Mom Ever- 6″ Art Pot
6" plastic art pot, a perfect gift for Mom or...
Customer planter Dinosaur
Custom T-Rex Planter
Cute little planter will fiercely guard any office space or...
Green Pattern Pot
Green Pattern 18″ Art Pot
18" durable plastic art pot. Does not have a drain...
Faux Concrete 18" Pot
Faux Diamonds 18″ Art Pot
18" durable plastic art pot. Has a concrete look to...
Terra Flower 12" Pot
Terra Flora 12″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic art pot with a Terra Cotta look....
Terra Flora Diamond 15" Pot
Terra Flora Diamond 15″ Art Pot
15" durable plastic art pot with a Terra Cotta look....
Terra Flora Pattern 18" Pot
Terra Flora Pattern 18″ Art Pot
18" durable plastic art pot with a Terra Cotta look...
Whitewash Wood 12" Pot
Whitewash Wood 12″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic art pot with a rustic white and...
Whitewash Wood 15" Pot
Whitewash Wood 15″ Art Pot
15" durable plastic art pot with a white and brown...
Whitewash Wood 18" Pot
Whitewash Wood 18″ Art Pot
18" durable plastic pot with a white and brown wood...
Blue Pattern 12" Art Pot
Blue Pattern 12″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic art pot with a light blue design....
Yellow Pattern 15" Art Pot
Yellow Pattern 15″ Art Pot
15" durable plastic art pot with a pretty yellow design....
Black Eyed Susan 12" Art Pot
Black Eyed Susan 12″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic art pot with beautiful Rudbeckia flowers. This...
Daisy Picks 15" Art Pot
Daisy Picks 15″ Art Pot
15" durable art pot with a beautiful blue and green...
Tulip Garden 18" Art Pot
Tulip Garden 18″ Art Pot
18" durable plastic art pot with a lovely tulip design....
Make Her Daisy 12" Art Pot
Make Her Daisy 12″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic art blue art pot with a pretty...
Dancing in Daisies 15" Art Pot
Dancing in Daisies 15″ Art Pot
15" durable plastic red and blue art pot with Daisies....
Daisy Garden 18" Art Pot
Daisy Garden 18″ Art Pot
18" durable plastic red art pot with a nice Daisy...
Black and White Leaves 12" Art Pot
Black and White Leaves 12″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic art pot with an elegant black and...
Faux Concrete Triangle 12" Art Pot
Faux Concrete Triangle 12″ Art Pot
12" durable art pot with a gray concrete design. This...
Black and White Dots 15" Art Pot
Black and White Dots 15″ Art Pot
15" durable plastic art pot with an elegant black and...
Faux Concrete Herringbone 15" Art Pot
Faux Concrete Herringbone 15″ Art Pot
15" durable plastic art pot with a concrete look. This...
Misty Meadow Walk Petit Pot
This green pot has beautiful floral detail at the top....
Modern Black 6" Art Pot
Modern Black 6″ Art Pot
6" durable plastic Art Pot with a modern black and...
Modern White 6" Art Pot
Modern White 6″ Art Pot
6" durable plastic Art Pot with a modern black and...
Blossom 6" Art Pot
Blossom 6″ Art Pot
6" durable plastic Art Pot that states "Blossom" with a...
Happy 6" Art Pot
Happy 6″ Art Pot
6" durable plastic Art Pot that states "Happy" with a...
Grateful 6" Art Pot
Grateful 6″ Art Pot
6" durable plastic yellow Art Pot that states "Grateful" with...
Terra Flora 6" Art Pot
Terra Flora 6″ Art Pot
6" durable plastic Art Pot with a Terra Cotta look...
What Matters 6" Art Pot
What Matters 6″ Art Pot
6" durable plastic Art Pot that states "It's not what...
Folk Garden Dots 12" Art Pot
Folk Garden Dots 12″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic art pot with a lime green background...
Folk Garden Stripes 15" Art Pot
Folk Garden Stripes 15″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic Art Pot with black and white stripes!...
Folk Garden Flowers 18" Art Pot
Folk Garden Flowers 18″ Art Pot
18" durable plastic blue Art Pot with a flower design!...
Daisy Garden Blues 12" Art Pot
Daisy Garden Blues 12″ Art Pot
12" durable plastic blue Art Pot with a pretty Daisy...
Dragonfly Blues 15" Art Pot
Dragonfly Blues 15″ Art Pot
15" durable plastic blue Art Pot with a neat dragonfly...
Daisy Blues 18" Art Pot
Daisy Blues 18″ Art Pot
18" durable plastic blue Art Pot with a beautiful Daisy...
Green Crested Cactus
This beautiful crested cactus goes by the name of trichocereus...
Fuzzy Crested Cacti
This cool crested cacti goes by the name of stenocereus...
Baby's Necklace Succulent
Baby’s Necklace
Give this beautiful plant filtered light and ample airflow. Water...
crested cactus
Optunia Cacti
This funky little cactus goes by the full name of...
Roller Coaster Crested Cacti
This very cool crested cacti is covered with furry white...
Kalanchoe Flapjack
Kalanchoe Flapjack
Kalanchoe Flapjack has big beautiful round succulent leaves with reddish...
aloe haworthioides
Aloe Haworthioides
Aloe Haworthioides is a beautiful variety of aloe that sports...
Cucumber- Mexican Sour Gherkin
This Mexican and Central American species bears an abundance of...
Superior flavor; holds very well in the summer heat. Our...
Lettuce-Crisp Mint
The tender lettuce leaves bear a striking resemblance to mint...
Lettuce-Gulley’s Favorite
Round, dark green leaves with a moderate red tinge and...
Radish-China Rose
Dark pink 5" roots fade to pale pink at the...