Plants = Happiness: The Benefits of Plants


While some are blinded by their perceived burden, experienced gardeners know that plants are a blessing in disguise. If you’re looking for that little extra push to take up gardening (or if you’re simply looking for an excuse to add to your collection), read on for countless reasons why you should go for it!

fiddle-leaf figs placed indoors

Benefits of Outdoor Plants:

Of course plants are magnificent on their own, but when you consider your garden as a whole, they can really work together to serve a greater purpose. Here’s why having plants on your property is so rewarding:

Plants are aesthetically appealing. Simply put – plants are pretty! And the more you have, the more you get to admire. Plants come in endless colors, shapes and sizes. They allow you to play with different elements of design to create the perfect ambience in your garden. Whether that’s bold and bright, or simple and relaxing – it’s all up to you!

They add value to your property. First impressions aren’t made when your guests walk through the door – it’s when they first pull into your driveway. The effort you put into your garden doesn’t go unnoticed. Visitors will admire your well-maintained lawn, lined with flourishing foliage and bountiful blooms. Not only does this attract potential home-buyers, but actually ups your property value, too!

They’re great for privacy. Part of what makes our gardens so great is knowing that we can enjoy them all to ourselves. Whether you have great relationship with your neighbors, or you don’t even know their last names, privacy is warranted either way. Gardens should be a place of peace and relaxation, not a place where we can be disturbed or gawked at. Luckily, plants with dense branching, like boxwood and arborvitae, are perfect for creating your intimate sanctuary.

Plants provide protection. What better time to enjoy our garden than on a beautiful summer day? As we know, sitting directly in the hot Iowa sun can be uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous. Thankfully, dense shrubs and tall trees provide us with the shade we need to sit back, relax, and enjoy our garden in comfort. On that note, trees also help protect our property from damage during harsh weather conditions.

fiddle-leaf fig plant

Benefits of Gardening Edible Plants:

Gardening provides so much more than just the crops they produce. While that’s certainly a benefit, the actual act of growing your own food also has a positive impact on our life:

Plant-based is good for you! This one might seem obvious, but it’s one of the main benefits! Plant-based foods are incredibly nutrient-dense. They’re rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Plus, gardening is a great way to encourage yourself and your family to eat more veggies. Children especially are much more likely to eat what they helped create!

Fresher = tastier. When we pick up produce from the supermarket, it’s likely travelled for quite some time before arriving to the store. Often, it’s been sprayed with chemicals to help it grow faster and last longer. When you grow your own food, you know what goes into it. You can harvest it the same day it ends up on your plate, and there’s no debate: fresher = tastier.

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Gardening is cost-effective. While we try our best to be healthy, we all know that buying produce at the store be costly. On top of that, it goes bad pretty quickly, meaning we end up throwing some of it away. While gardening requires some initial input for soil, seeds, and other necessities, it definitely helps you save in the long run.

Gardening keeps you active. Your plants aren’t going to grow themselves – you need to get off the couch and help! The digging, planting, watering, and general puttering around you do outside is a great way to keep yourself active, without too much strain. It’s also been proven to increase hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

It can improve your mental health. For most, gardening is a positive and joyful  activity. It helps us relax our minds while our hands and bodies just simply do the work. The responsibility of nurturing another living thing makes us feel needed, and boosts our self-esteem when we see the rewards of our effort. Gardening is therapeutic, and helps many people manage their mental state.

fiddle-leaf fig plant

Benefits of Houseplants:

For those who aren’t ready for the commitment of gardening yet, houseplants are a great way to test the waters. They also come with a host of other benefits!

They’re works of art. Plants are incredibly versatile, and one of the most unique design tools out there. They literally add life to the room. They add an elements of freshness and beauty that just can’t be attained by any other decoration or accent. Small plants like succulents and aloe can be easily worked into any design scheme, while larger plants can make more of a statement.

Plants purify the air. According to NASA, plants have the ability to absorb harmful pollutants, such as benzene and formaldehyde. They also absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen, cleansing the air in the process. Having plants in your home or workspace is especially useful if there’s already little airflow.

They make you feel better. If you love the outdoors, you may already be aware of the therapeutic effect of nature. Surrounding ourselves with plants mimics that simple and calming atmosphere, right in our homes. Plants have been proven to help reduce stress and even improve concentration – another reason they’re great work buddies!

Plants are more than just bundles of roots and foliage. They contribute to the ambience of our homes and gardens, improve our health, and even help us to sustain life on earth. They serve a functional purpose, while also providing us with breathtaking beauty. Plants = happiness.


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