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It’s Indoor Plant Week! Here Are Some New Plants to Try Growing

Ted Lare Home & Build-Iowa-Indoor Plant Week-variegated fiddle leaf fig plant

Happy Indoor Plant Week! In celebration of this special occasion, we’re giving you a virtual tour of some of the rarest and most fascinating plants in our garden center right now. If you’ve been eager to expand your indoor plant horizons and introduce some new plant babies to your collection, you’ll want to run—not walk—to pick up one of these exciting specimens!  

Ted Lare Home & Build-Iowa-Indoor Plant Week-silver satin pothos
Pothos ‘Silver Satin’

This stunning new indoor plant is so named thanks to its unique shimmery silvery-green foliage. Pothos ‘Silver Satin‘ grows fast, and pretty soon, its pot will overflow with a river of glimmering vines! Best of all, like all pothos plants, ‘Silver Satin’ is exceptionally low-maintenance, with moderate light requirements and low to moderate water needs. It thrives somewhere high up, such as an indoor shelf or hanging basket, or you can train it to scale a trellis or moss pole.

Monstera Standleyana ‘Variegata Aurea’

This fascinating new indoor plant is very different in appearance to the uber-trendy Monstera deliciosa, but in all the best ways! Monstera standleyana ‘Variegata Aurea‘ (we know, it’s a mouthful!) has superb elongated leaves with green, white, and pale yellow variegation. A skilled climber, it will happily scale a trellis or drape gracefully from an indoor hanging basket. Keep it happy in a pot of well-drained soil; over time, you’ll notice the monstera’s signature ‘Swiss cheese’ holes developing!

Ted Lare Home & Build-Iowa-Indoor Plant Week-fiddle leaf fig variegated
Fig Fiddle Leaf, Variegated

This one will be a true jewel in your collection! The variegated fiddle leaf fig has the beauty and elegance of the standard fiddles, with the bonus of stunning pale green and cream-colored margins. This plant is a stickler for bright, indirect light, but once you find the right spot for it, it will command the attention of anyone in the room. These fiddles are hard to find and even harder to keep in stock. The photos simply can’t do them justice!

Sansevieria Kirkii ‘Coppertone’

Nothing accents a house full of greenery like an indoor plant with contrasting colors! As you might have guessed by its name, kirkii ‘Coppertone’ boasts a warm color palette that sets it apart from other sansevieria cultivars. Copper and bronze tones mark the succulent leaves of this rare sansevieria. Its wavy edges add fun texture to your decor in any indoor living space. Like other snake plants, Sansevieria kirkii ‘Coppertone‘ is ultra-low-maintenance and practically thrives on neglect. How ironic, since this beauty is bound to become your new favorite!

Ted Lare Home & Build-Iowa-Indoor Plant Week-Ficus Yellow Gem
Ficus Yellow Gem

We’ve never met a ficus we didn’t love, and ‘Yellow Gem‘ is no different! The leaves of this new rubber tree cultivar have a really interesting quality, with a texture oddly similar to leather. Its vibrant green color is ultra-fresh and invigorating in any room. ‘Yellow Gem’ prefers to dry out between waterings; if you forget to water it for a while, it won’t mind one bit. You’ll love the low impact on your schedule and the high impact on your indoor space!

Monstera Dubia

The winding climbing habit of this indoor plant is unlike anything we’ve carried in the past. It climbs in a tight spiral formation around structures like moss poles, trellises, indoor pillars, or wherever you want to put this intriguing plant to work! Monstera dubia, also known as shingle plant, has lovely variegation and quick-growing vines and leaves that will have you check every day for new growth.

Have you started clearing some space for these amazing finds yet? Collect these and other exceptional new indoor plants at our Iowa garden center today! Be sure to pick out a gorgeous container for your new plants from our fall collection to give your space something fresh and fabulous.


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