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Natural Stone Fountains

Natural Stone Fountain

In this busy day and age, where we seem to always be running from one obligation to another, the one thing that we never get enough of is relaxation. Sometimes we’re so short of it, we even try to hurry along the relaxation process, meaning that we never truly  get that moment to ourselves to let go of our worries and just appreciate the moment.

The best place to embrace relaxation is in the safety of our own homes. We want to create beautiful landscapes that are ideal for entertaining and full of stunning greenery that we love. First and foremost, though, it’s important for us to get some time to actually enjoy our properties for ourselves.

One of the best ways to spend a few quiet moments enjoying all that our homes have to offer is with a backyard water feature. There’s something undeniably peaceful about the sound of water gently trickling over stone, and the aesthetic combination of the natural stone and flowing water is timeless. No matter the size or style of your yard, there are options to incorporate a natural stone fountain that is a fantastic fit for your outdoor lifestyle.

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Benefits of Natural Stone Fountains:

A natural stone fountain offers a net benefit in a variety of ways. Not only do they tie together your entire landscape with a stunning focal point that offers style and relaxation, but they also offer actual health benefits. With all the love and care that you put towards your outdoor space, it’s only fitting that your yard can give you some benefits in return, too.

The sound of moving water flowing over stone sounds just like a delicate and gentle creek, and can melt away the stress of the day. Stress not only makes us feel worn down, but has been linked to a wide array of health problems. Having a moment in our stressful lives to sit in the comfort of our own yards and enjoy our own private oasis is immensely valuable to your mental health, as well as all of the aesthetic benefits that they bring.

Not only are they good for you and your family, but a natural fountain is also great for the health of your backyard ecosystem. Depending on the design of your fountain, it could even introduce a boost of humidity to your garden as well as an oasis for local birds and wildlife to enjoy with you.

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Customizing Your Natural Stone Fountain:

There are nearly endless styles, shapes, sizes, and options to choose from for the design of your ideal natural stone fountain. Many of the most striking natural stone features can offer beautiful aesthetic payoff, while also expertly complimenting the style of your garden and home. Whether you’re choosing a rugged, natural rock style reminiscent of a cliffside, or a smoothed boulder mimicking the gentle curves of a brook, there is a hardscaping option for your style of backyard.

While the options are endless, the deciding factor tends to be the size of your location. When working with our landscapers to design the best natural stone fountain for you, the first question is how big you want your feature to be. Consider the overall footprint of your yard, as well as the scale of the rest of your features in your yard, so that you can create a fountain that not only looks good, but compliments to the rest of your landscape.

Even once the fountain has been built, you can continue incorporating it into the rest of the yard by surrounding it with additional outcropping stones, perennial flowers, shrubs, and planters to highlight it as a feature in your home. Landscapes are always evolving, which gives you endless opportunities for the future.

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Maintaining Natural Stone Fountains:

The natural stone of your fountain is made with some of the planet’s toughest materials, so they aren’t likely to need much maintenance over their lifetime. The water pump, however, will need a little bit of maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Consider using an algaecide to keep the growth of algae to a minimum, and change the water in the reservoir regularly if you want to keep it clean and clear.

Your pump will also need regular maintenance by removing and cleaning it. If you stay on top of maintaining the pump and water quality, your fountain will keep looking and running beautifully for its entire lifespan.  

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Fish or No Fish?

Fish or no fish is a big decision, as it can determine how you maintain your water feature. If you have fish, then you want to use all-natural algaecides and clarifiers. If you choose not to have fish, then you can be much more aggressive with treatment of the water.  We often use chlorine, similar to swimming pools, to keep our clients’ water features looking good through the summer heat and algae season.

Your natural stone fountain will be the highlight for your landscape that loves you back with stress-relieving qualities and striking features. A great compliment to the rest of your home and yard, installing a fountain with natural stone is a great way to invest in an outdoor statement piece that offers a serene oasis for years to come.


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