How to Level Up Your Houseplant Style with Artsy Pottery

Ted Lare- How to Level Up Your Style With Pottery-face planter

Pottery is an ancient art form that’s been around for tens of thousands of years—it’s no wonder why there are so many incredible styles to explore! If you’re keeping your houseplants in the plastic pots they came in, you’re missing out on an opportunity to really elevate the design and aesthetic of your living space. And unlike paintings or sculptures, pottery is a form of art that’s incredibly budget-friendly so that you can collect plenty of fabulous pieces to spruce up your scenery. 

Here Are Our Favorite Pottery Styles to Display All of Your Gorgeous Houseplants 

Whether you prefer sleek, simple, neutral palettes or you like to experiment with bold colors and patterns, there’s no shortage of incredible pottery to discover.

Ted Lare- How to Level Up Your Style With Pottery-solid color pottery

Solid-Color Pottery for High Contrast Palettes

We have solid-color pottery in every color of the rainbow. For maximum impact, pick a complementary color that contrasts with the main color in your room—either the walls or the furniture. For example, orange walls will look amazing with turquoise colored pottery, and jade green walls will look fabulous with pink pottery. 

Ted Lare- How to Level Up Your Style With Pottery-astrology pottery

Get Witchy With It!

Oh, my stars! We have some dazzling pottery with creative motifs that are positively enchanting! Our astrology-inspired constellation pot has metallic gold detailing that would pair beautifully with a Gold Dust Croton or Golden Pothos. Our spherical eye pots have a contrasting midnight blue base—they look just like a crystal ball! It would look likely with a purple-tinted plant, like Tradescantia. 

Cute Face Planters for Trailing Plants

We have a soft spot for face planters—they have so much personality! We recommend planting trailing plants in these pots to make it look like they have hair. Trailing succulents like Hoyas, Burro’s Tail, String of Pearls, and String of Hearts are especially pretty! Spiky plants like Haworthia and Aloe work, too—they give those little pottery people more of a punk rock aesthetic. 

Ted Lare- How to Level Up Your Style With Pottery-face planters

Spark Joy with Adorable Animal Pottery

How could you possibly resist these cute little planters? Kids and adults will get a kick out of these charming pottery pieces. Try to pair them up with plants that fit with the animal. For example, our fox planter would look perfect with a fluffy, shaggy fern. The sloth pot would look so sweet with a chubby, rounded succulent. The unicorn pot needs something pretty and pink, like a Caladium or a Lady Valentine Chinese Evergreen!

Neutral Toned Geometric Patterns

Neutrals are great, but you don’t want your scenery to look dull or lifeless. The perfect solution? Planter pots in neutral shades with detailed, intricate geometric patterns! They bring that effortlessly cool, high-fashion vibe that’s stylish without trying too hard. Pretty much any plant will look amazing in a neutral planter—the naturally vibrant foliage will take center stage!

Multi-Colored Pottery Glazes

Moody maximalism is all the rage in the world of design. Eye-catching splashes and streaks of color are reminiscent of abstract painters like Jackson Pollock and Andre Derain, bringing an artful eccentricity to your space. Have fun mixing and matching colorful pots and plants of all shapes and sizes—like a gallery wall, but with pottery! We particularly love mixed glaze effects on pottery—the chemical composition of the different glazes creates such interesting textural effects as they fire in the kiln.

-glazed houseplant pottery
Ted Lare- How to Level Up Your Style With Pottery-linework plant pot

Trendy Modernity with Line Art Motifs 

Line art is such an interesting form of illustration. It’s contemporary and simple, yet inspiring and quirky. These simple motifs use crisp lines to create charming illustrations, like portraits, rainbows, and botanical imagery. They’re like a classy cartoon! Your simple green houseplants will look far more impactful in one of these on-trend pottery pieces!

There’s plenty more where that came from! To see even more incredible pottery for sale in Iowa, visit Ted Lare Garden Center and browse through hundreds of different options to suit every style and budget.


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