Inspiration For Decorating Your Indoor Holiday Planters

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If you’re one of those early Christmas decorators, we’re here for you! And we’ve got some fun ideas to help you with some indoor holiday planter inspiration. Besides the obvious centerpieces, wreaths, garlands, and trees, there are lots of simple ways you can take your decor even further. Include all of your indoor planters in your Christmas decorating to spread the festive feelings from one end of your home to the other. 

Here are 9 ways to make your decorating scheme into an immersive holiday experience this year:


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1. Change out your planters.

We often recommend that people plant their houseplants in a pot with drainage, usually plastic or terracotta, and then set that pot inside of a more decorative pot since many decorative pots don’t have drainage holes. If you want to take your Christmas decor up a notch, pop your plants into new decorative planters that match your seasonal decor theme.

2. Plant amaryllis for the center of your planters.

Amaryllis is a favorite Christmas bloom. Why not get a few and see if you can set them inside their own pot, in the center of your existing planters to add some gorgeous blooms in December.

3. Add small wreaths around planters.

Wreaths aren’t just for hanging on doors. They are a super-easy way to turn a plain plant pot into a festive planter. Lay a small wreath down, and set your planter in the center of it. Work some festive berries, colorful twigs, or pinecones into the wreath, and now your planter ties into your decor. 


indoor holiday planters decorations Ted Lare

4. Dress up your houseplants.

Add twinkle lights and a few ornaments to larger plants. Hang small ornaments, or stick them onto planters to carry your decor theme throughout your houseplant collection. 

5. Get wrapping!

Did you fall in love with a set of wrapping paper? Measure around the largest part of your plant pots, and measure how tall they are. Cut out a piece of wrapping paper 1-2 inches taller, fold over the top and bottom edge, wrap it snugly around your plant pot and secure it with tape. All of your houseplants coordinate with the presents under the tree now! 

6. Put a festive bow on it.

Get out your Christmas ribbon or burlap, and tie bows around your planters.

7. Add simple natural elements.

Setting a bundle of birch poles, some pinecones, and a sprig of red berries in front of or across the top of your planters, gives a natural hint to the festive season.

8. Enhance with dried florals.

Colored twigs, dried seed heads, dried berries, and pinecones are all things you can add to your planters to turn them into festive dried floral arrangements. 


indoor holiday planter garland Ted Lare

9. Embrace faux greenery.

We love fresh pine boughs; there’s nothing like that fresh forest scent. But, fresh boughs don’t last long indoors. The warm, moisture-wicked air from our furnaces dries them out fast, and sooner than later, they’ll be dropping their needles all over your floor. Faux green garland stays looking vibrant and lush, and you don’t have to water it!


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