Hoya Plant Care for Beginners

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Hoyas have made a serious comeback as houseplants in recent years, and we are totally here for it. Often sold as wax plants because of their thick, shiny foliage, Hoyas are sometimes said to be difficult to care for—but we are here to tell you otherwise! There are hundreds of varieties, and while a select few may deserve the rep of being difficult, there are so many varieties that are actually quite easy to care for. Keep reading to learn a little more about your Hoya plant’s origin, appearance, and basic care needs. 

All About Hoyas 

Native to both Asia and Australia, Hoyas grow epiphytically (i.e., rely on other plants for mechanical support) in their natural environment. As houseplants, they are much loved for their fragrance, fascinating foliage, and downright enchanting clusters of star-shaped flowers

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Hoya Plant Care

Under the right conditions, Hoyas are a pretty simple plant to care for. Here are some basic tips to get you started. 

Light Requirements 

These plant’s preferred conditions are bright, indirect light. While they will tolerate low and medium light conditions, they won’t thrive and are much less likely to bloom. Direct sunlight will also scorch its foliage, so north-facing windows are an excellent option for Hoyas. Whichever spot you choose, make sure you keep your Hoya away from any significant drafts (i.e., front doors, air conditioning, or heating vents). 

Watering Your Hoya

Many caring plant owners have lovingly killed their Hoya by overwatering it—don’t make the same mistake! While they are not technically succulents, their fleshy, waxy leaves hold more water than you might think. It is definitely best to err on the side of underwatering vs. overwatering when it comes to Hoya plant care—they really don’t like to have soggy feet. Generally, watering about once a week in the warmer months and maybe once every two weeks in the winter will likely keep your Hoya happy.


They are adaptable plants and actually fare pretty well in dry environments—but they are tropical. This means that they do thrive with higher humidity levels. To increase humidity for your Hoyas, you can add a pebble tray underneath the pot or container where it lives or give your plants a little misting of water (preferably distilled) about once or twice a week. 

Popular Hoya Varieties

Hoya australis

One of the most classic houseplants around, the trailing vines of Hoya australis have broad, oval green leaves. This fast-growing plant is, as promised, easy to care for, and like all, comes with the signature waxy foliage and clusters of star-shaped flowers. Its air-purifying qualities and unique, creamy white flowers with red centers make it a pretty popular houseplant.

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Hoya kerrii

Hoya kerri is a genuinely unique houseplant with heart-shaped leaves along a trailing vine that you can’t help but love. They come in a few different varieties. Hoya kerrii ‘Splash’ looks like someone splattered white paint all over its plump, heart-shaped leaves. Hoya kerrii ‘Albomarginata,’ has sort of buttery-soft yellow edges around its green leaves. And then there are the single-leaf varieties that just look like a heart planted in soil which are the ones you’ve likely seen around Valentines Day

Hoya carnosa 

There are quite a few cultivars of Hoya carnosa, but we are partial to the ‘Krimson Queen’ and ‘Krimson Princess’ varieties. ‘Krimson Queen’ is distinguishable by the creamy white or pink around its leaves, and its flowers emerge similarly to its close relative, Hoya australis. ‘Krimson Princess’ is distinguished by its ruby-red vines of new growth, green leaf borders, and variegation. 

Have we convinced you of the wonder that is the easy-to-care-for hoya houseplant yet? If so, be sure to stop by the garden center to pick up some of the most exquisite Hoya varieties in Des Moines!


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