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Growing Clematis in Des Moines

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Clematis takes the cake for being one of the most radiant flowers in the garden. These perennial bloomers come in a variety of unique colors and types, are easy to care for, and are sure to add a dramatic touch to any landscape design. They are the bells of the ball in any garden, and luckily, providing your Iowa clematis with proper care is pretty simple! Take a look at our plant care instructions to keep your clematis happy in Des Moines all year long.

How to Use Clematis in Your Garden Design

Clematis are vigorous, beautiful growers, perfect for climbing fences, walls, trellises, and more. If you want to add some stunning color to your garden, clematis is the perfect option as it will cover anything you put it beside quickly. You can cover your patio railing with it for a secret garden vibe or use it as a backdrop to a cozy seating area. Regardless of your style, this gorgeous plant will add quality to your garden.

Finding The Perfect Spot For Your Clematis

Most clematis thrive in up to six hours of sun, but some varieties can grow in full or partially shaded areas. When selecting the perfect location for the clematis in your garden, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a space with optimal sunlight and proper drainage since clematis plants require well-drained soil. Steer clear of any areas in your garden that get soggy during the thaw or after the rain!

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Growing Clematis In Pots

One benefit of growing your clematis in containers is that you can move the containers around in your backyard if they are not getting enough sun. Providing the proper care for your potted clematis plant involves ensuring the plant is getting enough sun exposure, has optimal drainage in the pot, and receives enough water. These gorgeous perennials can absolutely thrive when grown in containers, but they must receive proper care! As with most container plants, you’ll need to ensure that it gets enough water and nutrients, as the container limits how much your plant can access.

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How to Prune Each Type of Clematis

The key to successful pruning is figuring out which of the three pruning groups your clematis belongs to; the three groups include spring bloomers, repeat bloomers, and fall bloomers. Essentially, the time of year your clematis blooms will determine its unique pruning care needs.

Prune your spring bloomers right after they finish blooming in spring. The new stems that grow will then have enough time to make flower buds for the following year. You won’t need to prune this category too much; removing dead or damaged branches is typically enough to keep these types happy.

A repeat bloomer is a clematis that blooms on new growth in the spring and again in the summer. We recommend pruning this variety lightly in April to encourage branching and repeat blooming. You don’t need to cut these down very hard; simply maintain shape and remove dead or unhealthy growth. 

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You will want to prune back fall bloomers in early spring so that the branches are only about a foot tall. A significant cutback in the early spring means that you’ll get healthy, beautiful new growth through the season. If you don’t prune fall bloomers, you’ll have a tangled plant on your hands!

As long as your trimmings are free of disease or fungus, you can add your scraps to the compost bin for some green matter. Discard any unhealthy growth elsewhere to prevent the issue from spreading through your garden. 

Clematis plants in the Des Moines region will thrive with these best care practices. For more information on helping your clematis reach its fullest potential all year round, contact us at Ted Lare Design & Build—proudly serving the Des Moines region for over 37 years!


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