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Coming up with gift ideas for the most skilled green thumbs can be tricky. Gift cards are a fantastic idea for gardeners, especially if you’re not confident with choosing what sorts of plants your gift recipient will like best. For some, giving is more satisfying if you put effort into choosing the perfect gift for someone. But what gifts do you get the gardener who already has everything? 

Here are some gift ideas that are sure to impress any gardener:

Pots and Planters

While this idea might seem simple, decorative pots and planters are always a useful present. A pot is not just a pot, after all, but a new home for a beautiful plant. Whether your gardener grows indoors or outdoors, pots and planters are sure to be an excellent, practical gift idea. 

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Terrarium Kits

New spaces to grow are always exciting, and a simple terrarium kit will give the gardener in your life inspiration to do just that! Whether big or small, terrariums are enclosed growing spaces for succulents, air plants, and more; they increase humidity and create a greenhouse effect. This is a great option to add some tropical plants to the home. 

Countertop Hydroponic Planters

For fresh herbs year-round, the countertop hydroponic planter is the way to go and is an excellent gift idea for gardeners. Not only does this planter bring the joy of growing herbs into the home, but is mess-free with hydroponic growing. Most of these planters also come with a built-in grow light so that you can have the herbs growing wherever it is convenient for you to harvest as you cook, rather than in a far-off window upstairs because the light is better. 

Bee Hotels

A bee hotel is a man-made space for solitary bees and wasps to make a temporary home and a great gift idea for gardeners who want to create a bee-friendly garden. A bee hotel is good for attracting bees into your garden for pollination and to encourage a robust ecosystem. If you give a bee hotel as a gift, be sure to add a note that the hotel will attract more wasps than bees if placed in the shade. Facing the bee hotel southeast so that the morning sun can warm up the bees before they head out to pollinate is the best placement to attract friendly pollinators.

Customized Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are important and necessary for every gardener, but who says they should be simple and boring? A custom, engraved set of tools is a personal and special gift idea for a gardener. You can choose the aesthetic and design of the tools and engrave a special message, date, or name on the tools. The small details can go a long way!  

Also, consider a gardener’s apron or toolbelt, customized with engraving or embroidery. An apron might be more practical for a florist, whereas a toolbelt might be better for a landscape gardener. 

Harvesting baskets can also be customized for a special touch, perhaps with the name of the property or the name of the gardener on the side. Be sure to consider what the person typically grows to inform what shape and size of basket you purchase as a gift; flower stems will need a long, flat basket, while vegetables will hold better in a deep, sturdy basket. 

Japanese-Made Garden Shears

For gardeners who appreciate the craftsmanship of their tools, Japanese-made shears and trimmers are a beautiful gift idea. Not only will the high-quality steel deliver clean and crisp cuts to your stems, but the unique design will be sure to make a wonderful conversation starter. Some blacksmiths only make limited numbers of a single design. You might even be able to find a 1 of 1 original!

Head to Ted Lare Garden & Design for plants, supplies, and more gardener gift ideas. We’d love to help you find the perfect gift for the gardener in your life in time for the holidays. 


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