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Gardening Trends for 2019

Gardening Trends of 2019

A new year and upcoming fresh start in the spring is all you need to inspire the backyard retreat you’ve been dreaming of. While some staples of our backyards are so reliable they never change, there’s always something new and trendy to transform your living space into something ready to impress. Be warned, your friends and neighbors will be asking for your decorating and plantscaping secrets! Here’s all the inspiration you’ll need for updating your outdoor space this year:

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Outdoor Spaces for Multiple Purposes:

The traditional layout of the backyard is simple, but cookie cutter and unimaginative. The lawn may be nice, green, and lush, but only our kids and dogs are getting any use out of it. In 2019, we’re embracing new ways to make use of all of our property, all day. From outdoor yoga in your own backyard sanctuary in the morning, to afternoon games of pick-up football, to spending an evening with a projector and your favorite films, your backyard is there for you to enjoy! This trend doesn’t really call for any drastic or expensive changes to your home, but instead for a shift in perspective to do more of your daily activities in your outdoor space. If you have a beautiful space outside, lots of room, and privacy from neighbors, it’s time to think up more ways to get out and enjoy your own backyards.

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Indoor Plantscaping:

We already know that we spend a lot of time inside, even in the summer. While it’s encouraging to think of all of the exciting ways that we can get out to enjoy our backyards when the weather is good, there’s just no escaping the indoors – and it shouldn’t feel like it needs escaping from! Whether you’re working a 9-5 office job, or cozied up inside escaping from the winter weather, the design of the spaces that you inhabit have a surprising effect on your mind and body. We all have to live indoors sometimes, so we might as well make our indoor spaces a little more lively with plantscaping.

Make room on your bookshelves for trailing plants, mini terrariums, and decorative vases next to your treasured memories and photos. Modern plantscaping in 2019 isn’t all about big statement plants, but also places a big emphasis on inserting plants into your spaces as they are. Your home is already the perfect place to display plants, and the addition of a little bit of green life is the lift that your spaces (and your mood) might need, especially if your decor scheme is very neutral.  

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Native and Drought Tolerant Plants:

Except a select few that make a nearly full-time hobby out of maintaining their garden and landscape, most of us want to spend more of our time outdoors enjoying our home rather than toiling away at maintaining it. Instead of mowing, watering, trimming, and doting on your plants all summer, you could be kicking back with a beverage and some friends, enjoying the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Choosing plants that are native to our area and drought-resistant is the perfect way to cater to the hot-dry heat we’re prone to Central Iowa.

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These plants are tough enough to survive our area’s climate naturally so they’re ready to look their best all summer without all of the work. Not only are native plants trendy, gorgeous, and convenient, but less watering is beneficial to the environment, too. Native plants are the foundation that your landscape needs this year to look spectacular and to provide the platform that the rest of your garden needs to make those accent annuals shine – while keeping your social time intact.

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Growing the Next Generation of Gardeners:

Going ‘eco-friendly’ and maintaining a healthy relationship with our food is a huge modern trend, and part of it means passing on our passion for natural beauty and nurturing plants to a new generation. There isn’t much of a better life lesson to teach than how to nurture plants, especially within an edible garden that nurtures us in return. It’s even sweeter knowing that this is a hot topic moving into 2019, and that by handing down your knowledge and passion to younger kids, you can set the tone for a lifetime of ethical thinking.

Start with something simple like catgrass and easy vegetables. When kids are young they might spend more time exploring your garden than growing, but once they get older they’ll be excited to learn more and take on more garden duties.

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Beneficial Insects in the Garden:

Not every creepy-crawly is created the same, and many are like a natural garden maintenance crew that help to keep your plants looking their best. Beneficial insects include popular favorites like Ladybugs and Monarch butterflies, who are not only beautiful additions to your garden, but also help to keep your plants healthy.

Ladybugs protect your plants from being ravaged by pests like aphids and mealybugs. These adorable and beneficial bugs are like a chemical-free pesticide for your whole yard.

Monarch butterflies, like the ever-popular bee, are important pollinators. This is an essential building block in your garden’s health, so it’s great to have such stunning and colorful specialists on the job.

Both beneficial insects are actually available for purchase so that you can jump-start your garden with gorgeous accents of living creatures that make your gardening duties easier! Just be sure to purchase from a reputable company, such as the ones we proudly stock on our shelves.

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Say Yes To Mint:

Every year there are new color trends that are set to take over everyone’s gardens. We are in love with the shades of mint we’re seeing this year – after all, it’s more than just a delicious herb! Mint brings to mind freshness and rejuvenation, which is exactly what we’re excited to be seeing in our gardens this spring. By bringing this popular minty-blue color into your garden and summer containers, your garden design will get a fresh, on-trend pop of color.

Coral Comes Alive:

Another popular color this year is Living Coral, the Pantone color of the year. This cheerful shade looks electric in garden beds, borders, and container gardens. With so many new annuals available in this shade, it’ll be easy to add some Living Coral into your garden design. If you can’t get enough of this color, try one of our jaw-dropping hot coral perennials.

2019 is the year of smarter gardening techniques, eco-focused living, and relaxing color palettes. Make it your goal this year to achieve a stunning garden design that is environmentally responsible, and easy to enjoy. Your home can be healthy from the roots up, and embellished with the trendiest color of the year to make your living space up to date and beautiful to suit all of your needs.


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