Finding Relaxation with Landscaping

Relaxation in Landscaping

Home is where the heart is, and in our incredibly busy lives, it can be important for the heart and soul to take a little bit of time to relax and enjoy our surroundings. We put lots of effort into creating a home that is cozy, inviting, and comfortable to live in, but we can benefit just as much from a stunning outdoor space where function and design work together. Whether you’re looking to sit back and relax in your backyard or enjoy a meal al fresco with friends, there are a lot of different ways to create a zen space for your enjoyment just outside your door.

fiddle-leaf figs placed indoors

Finding Relaxation in your Yard
Creating a relaxing and peaceful location in your own yard isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of question. Different things meet the unique vision that each homeowner has for their outdoor spaces, so the perfect landscape might look different for everyone. Our landscape experts are a great resource, whether you have something specific in mind or if you need some help finding what you want. Not only can we help to tailor your backyard to your relaxation needs, but we can help every step of the way to realize your dream.

Outdoor lifestyle relaxation comes in all shapes and sizes, from tiny projects that require minimal changes to your yard to a full landscape redesign. Here are some of the most popular projects in the Iowa area:

Starting Small – Little Additions
Sometimes all you need to relax is a tiny change to what you have! For those that love their home landscaping now and are looking for a simple change to give them the right place to cut loose, installing a luxurious hammock or even a fire pit can be all you need. Starting simple is a great way to introduce yourself and your family to more outdoor living – by adding a small change one piece at a time, you add each modification incrementally so your backyard slowly becomes a personal oasis.
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Relaxation in Landscaping

A Sensory Backyard Experience
Many of us would complain that we simply spend too much of our time plugged in and on-the-go. Between all of our screen time, driving around, working and being connected all the time, it can be overwhelming. Having a little spot of heaven to relax often means letting go of tension and changing it up so that we can breathe a little easier. Nowhere is better than our gardens to take a break from our busy lives.

Filled with luscious colors and textures, our gardens are stunning to look at. Fortunately, the experience doesn’t end there. Our backyards treat us to a variety of delicious fragrances and gentle sounds as we settle in with a good book. The relaxing qualities of our gardens don’t have to be accidental – you can optimize the relaxing qualities of your garden by choosing plants, landscaping, and decor that offer more for your nose, ears, touch, and eyes. Choose plants in your favorite colors, textures, and scents. Add some treats for your ears with windchimes and water features for a space you’ll love to escape to.

fiddle-leaf fig plant

Water Features
Taking the relaxing auditory experience of your yard to the next level, water features are one of the most popular additions to outdoor landscaping to promote relaxation. Whether you want to add a little fountain close to a seating area or are looking to invest in a backyard pond or waterfall, the sound of water flowing has an instantly relaxing effect – and the variety of water features available means that there is a style to match any yard.

Water features range from low to high maintenance, but they reward you with a positive effect on your mental state. Water features benefit the rest of your garden, too! Your water feature benefits your plants by increasing ambient humidity, allowing your plants to share in the relaxation.

Landscaping with Relaxation in Mind
By designing your landscape with relaxation in mind, you’ll quickly find yourself spending more and more time outdoors, lounging and soaking up the good vibes. It’s important to find a  careful balance between including the plants and features that you love, and creating a space that is low-maintenance enough that you actually have time to enjoy it! Our landscaping experts are seasoned pros at finding this balance for you and suggesting the best materials and style for your home. We love creating spaces that people actually want to spend time in, and we take the stress out of making those dream designs happen.

A relaxing space to forget the stresses of your day is a treat that everyone deserves. Whether you create an entire outdoor living room, or simply put down a pool lounger on


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