Colorful Houseplants for a Sneak Peek of Spring!

Croton houseplant ted lare design & build

While you’re waiting for the colorful part of spring to start outside, why not bring some eye-catching color and style into your home with these fun houseplants? Don’t let spring have all the fun outdoors; let it brighten up your home inside, too! 


  • Crotons feature bright pops of red, green, and yellow on their large leaves all year long. The painted look of the foliage is eye-catching and unique to each leaf. Crotons are also super easy to take care of and can live for a long time! 
  • Red Chinese evergreen, also known as aglaonemas, are colorful, large-leafed, easy-care houseplants. The leaves are a mottled green on top, with beautiful pink and yellow veins. The underside of the leaves is a shade of rich pink with attractive show-through of the lovely venation.

Calathea 'White Fusion' plant ted lare design & build
  • White is necessarily colorful, but this ‘White Fusion’ Calathea definitely belongs in the category of eye-catching houseplants. This calathea features unique variegations of bright white and rich greens. The colors alternate in individual patterns like paintings on each leaf; sometimes solid dark green, sometimes pale like a wash of white was brushed over it, and sometimes a solid, crisp white.
  • Red anthurium is a unique plant that features vibrant, shiny red spathes on tall slim stems above dark green leaves. They catch the eye in a room, and they’re also pretty easy to take care of. However, they do need lots of bright light to keep blooming. 
  • Cyclamen are pretty and colorful blooming houseplants, and they have beautifully patterned leaves as well. The flowers come in pinks, purples, and whites, while the heart-shaped leaves often have pretty symmetrical patterns in different greens or white.
gerbera daisies ted lare design & build
  • Gerber daisies are colorful and so cheerful. They’re available in so many unique colors, including intricately variegated types. The best part is that you can move these beauties into your outdoor planters once the weather warms up!
  • Nerve plants are green with striking white, pink, or red veins on their small leaves. Nerve plants are great for terrariums. They’re a fairly low-growing plant, and the dense leaves are a nice contrast with your larger plants.
  • Orchids are always an excellent idea for colorful houseplants. There are some very uniquely patterned types available now, and they come in so many different colors. 
polka dot plants ted lare design & build
  • Polka dot plants come in red, white, or pink. Their leaves are dark green with fun-colored speckles, or “polka dots.” Each plant varies slightly, with some featuring mainly green foliage with a few spots and some that appear to be almost entirely red, white, or pink with a few dark green spots. 
  • Triostar stromanthe is a gorgeous houseplant with large leaves. Like the White Fusion Calathea, it features broad swathes of pink, white, and green that look like a unique work of art. The underside of the leaves is a gorgeous deep magenta. 

Do you have any of these colorful houseplants in your collection yet? It’s always a good time to add a few new ones to add some more eye-catching variation and brighten up your home while we wait for springtime in Iowa!


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