Caring for your Christmas Tree

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Our Christmas trees are among the most cherished and adored traditions of the Christmas season. There’s something about having the Christmas tree up and full of our favorite decorations that puts our entire home in the holiday spirit. We love the branches full of memories and the stunning, stylish holiday decoration displays, but best of all is the unmistakable scent of fresh pine.

The Christmas tree is the undeniable centerpiece of our holiday decorations and traditions, and your home deserves to have the perfect tree to suit the occasion. Choosing the right tree for your style (as well as having the tricks and know-how to make it last) is essential to a visually beautiful and fragrance-filled holiday experience.

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Picking Your Christmas Tree

Picking the best tree is about finding the perfect foundation for your most important Christmas feature. The most popular trees that you’ll find in Iowa homes are firs and pines, but there are actually plenty of species within each of these families to choose from. Each type of tree has its own style and look, so finding the right fit for your home and family is key. These are some of the most popular and successful Christmas tree choices:


White pines are a gorgeous shade of blue-green that have a reputation for longevity. While the dainty branches on these pines are best suited for dainty ornaments and string lights, they can make your home into a delicate Winter Wonderland for the entire holiday season.

Scotch pines are a bushy tree with elegant long needles that simply fill a room with vibrant green. For traditionalists that enjoy lots of decorations and heavy baubles, a splash of true evergreen color, and an enticing and nostalgic pine scent, these are the perfect selection.

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Fraser Fir Trees


Fraser firs have attractive bi-color needles that are practically an ornament themselves. These trees have shades of green on top of needles and silver hues underneath, a unique statement that offers the best of evergreen color and delightful holiday decor. Known for their pleasant scent, these are the perfect choice for decorators that crave that holiday boost for all the senses.

Balsam firs offer a rich green color that is the perfect backdrop for all of your favorite holiday ornament stylings. An especially fragrant tree, anyone walking into your home will be greeted with the smell of Christmas cheer as they come through the door. Offering an attractive natural shape and plenty of sturdy branches, these trees are a reliable and classic decorating choice for a good reason.

Douglas firs are a popular choice for their ability to hold their attractive dark blue-green needles for the entirety of the holiday season. Not only are they dependable, but these trees are also known for their pyramid shape, making them a go-to selection for many holiday decorators with a particular tree styling in mind.

cedar tree and cedar bough

Other Options

For something unique that offers all of the benefits of a traditional Christmas tree, but with a new and stylish twist, consider using a Cedar tree or Cedar boughs in the home. These evergreens have a delightful Christmas scent that fills the home with cheer. Cedar trees offer lush green boughs perfect for decorating, but with softer needles that won’t drop as much as Pine and Fir options. A trend that is quickly gaining popularity, Cedar decorations are the perfect way to make the most of new Holiday trends without giving up on your favorite traditions.

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Tips to Make Your Christmas Tree Last:

There’s something about the holiday season that makes us want to hold onto it forever. We are devoted to the magic of our traditional Christmas trees, but keeping a tree healthy and in good shape for all of the holidays can be hard in our dry and heated homes. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to bring home a healthy tree and decorate your heart out, only to have it looking worn out when it’s time to celebrate Christmas. For savvy decorators that want to get that picture-perfect Holiday style from the beginning of the season through New Years, try these tips:

  • Start off right by picking a healthy tree. Your decorating dreams need a great foundation to really shine this season, and it starts with the very best of materials. Give a potential tree a healthy shake before you buy: if you notice a cascade of needles falling off it, find a healthier tree to bring home.
  • Spray with Wilt Stop to prolong freshness. Any beauty queen will tell you that moisture is key! Wilt Stop, and other similar products, are all-natural sprays made from pine resin that are designed to slow the drying out process, keeping your tree hydrated and looking fabulous for weeks.
  • Cut a layer off the trunk before setting up. Unless you’ve cut down your tree yourself, it’s probably been sitting and waiting for you a while. Cut off the bottom layer of the trunk to open up the tree’s vascular system so that it is ready to drink up all the water it requires. Preventing your tree from drying out will keep it lush and full, as well as preventing annoying needle clean up
  • A well-hydrated tree looks bestYour tree will absorb more water during the first few days than any for the rest of the time you have it. It will slow down its absorption gradually, but it will still need refills of water consistently through the season.

Caring for a real tree in your home in the depths of winter comes with a few challenges, but many of us wouldn’t have it any other way. While a fake tree might be easy to set up for the season and pack away after, they simply can’t compete with the holiday spirit that a real evergreen welcomes into your home. With a couple easy hints you can confidently choose the perfect tree for your holiday designs and dreams, and keep it looking healthy and full of Christmas Spirit all through the holidays.


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