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Can’t-Miss Classes for Fall 2020

Fall classes at Ted Lare

Remember when we could all hang out at the garden center and get creative, create fun crafts, and enjoy each other’s company? We miss that too! We put our classes and workshops on hold for the spring and summer while everyone figured out how to navigate the “new normal,” but we’ve been eager to see you again for more fun workshops. Now we’ve figured out a plan to deliver our classes safely!

Our new system for class and workshop delivery is through a combination of in-person classes and online virtual classes with class kits. We are resuming in-person classes here at the garden center starting September 12th. Classes will be taught in our open air greenhouse and will be limited to a maximum of 10 people.  Masks will be required and each participant will be provided with a freshly sanitized workspace and tools. To maximize social distancing, there will be one participant per table.

We’ll also be offering the same classes virtually with complete class kits that you can purchase and pick up ahead of the class. The kits will contain everything you need to complete the project, from frames and containers to plants and soil, and even paint and paintbrushes. You can pick up your kit at our garden center at least one day before the class, and then join us live at the specified time for instructions and coaching. Best of all, since our classes are being conducted online, more people than ever can participate in each event!

Here are a few of our upcoming workshops. You can register for each class online. Please note that some classes offer choices for the types of plants included; please include your list of choices in the “Special Instructions, Notes, or Comments” box on the checkout page.

herb planter fall classes at Ted Lare

“Grow” Herb Planter Class

In this class, you’ll create a beautiful brushed metal herb planter for your kitchen windowsill or front porch. The planter has the word “Grow” cut out of the front in an elegant script font. We’ll line the planter with sheet moss, so the word “grow” really looks like its growing moss! You can choose four herbs for this project; your options are basil, rosemary, parsley, cilantro, dill, oregano, and thyme.

This class is perfect for that mid-century modern design maven, combining the beauty of plants with sleek minimalism of a steel planter.

succulent living wreath kit fall class at Ted Lare

Succulents Living Wreath Kit

If you’ve been wondering how people make those beautiful succulent wreaths that you see on Pinterest, here’s your chance to learn! This class will teach you how to make a unique 11-inch succulent wreath. The kit includes a living wreath form, preserved moss, six 2.5″ succulents, a chopstick, and floral pins.

There is an option to purchase a Deluxe Succulent Wreath kit for this class, which includes ten succulents instead of six. 

This class is perfect for someone who loves living wreaths but doesn’t have the time to make sure they get watered. Succulents are sturdy and will thrive if you forget about watering them for several weeks.

succulent kokedama fall class at Ted Lare

Succulent Kokedama Class

Kokedama is a Japanese art that uses living plants and creative techniques to create a beautiful hanging plant with a different, more natural look than a traditional hanging planter. This style of hanging your plant emphasizes the plant itself, instead of the container. To water a Kokedama, you simply take it down and set it in a bowl of water for a short soak. Once it’s soaked up enough water, you hang it somewhere to drip dry for a while and then return it to its usual home once it has stopped dripping.

You’ll use soil, preserved sheet moss, twine, and two succulents to create two Kokedama balls for your home.

This class is perfect for those who prefer to not plant in plastic, and who like to show off the natural, earthy beauty of their houseplants.

More Upcoming Workshops

For the full schedule of upcoming workshops, see our classes list. Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect:

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We’ve got lots of fun and exciting workshops planned for this fall. Check out our classes list to explore the rest of our schedule, and sign up for your favorite. We can’t wait to have some creative fun with all our Des Moines area buddies this fall!


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