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Moving the Party Outside: Bring These Indoor Plants Outdoors!

Ted Lare-The Best Indoor Plants for Moving Outside -palm fronds outdoors

Sunny summer weather always has us moving the party outside—nothing beats outdoor entertaining! As it turns out, many of our indoor plants feel the same way and will be very appreciative of some sunshine and fresh air. Plus, you’ll love having a patio full of all your prettiest plants—it makes the backyard party zone extra stylish! 

Start Moving These Indoor Plants Outside so You Can Party in Style

Some indoor plants love full sun, while others do better away from direct sunbeams, so you have to think strategically about where you place them in the yard. Here are our favorite indoor plants to bring outside and things to consider when transitioning from indoors to out. 

Remember: when you bring your indoor plants back inside at the end of summer, you need to debug them first. A non-chemical insecticide like neem oil, insecticidal soap, or pyrethrin spray will help kill any bugs hiding out in the leaves, preventing them from spreading to your other houseplants. 

Ted Lare-The Best Indoor Plants for Moving Outside -citrus tree outdoor

Potted Citrus Trees

Fruit trees love to soak up the sun, so you can expect an impressive crop yield if you bring your potted lemon, lime, orange, or calamondin trees outside. They prefer 8 hours of direct sun per day, so pick a super sunny spot in the yard for them to bask in those rays. Once they start bearing fruit, you can whip up some tasty cocktails to enjoy outside at your next backyard party!

Areca Palm

Tall potted palms like the Areca Palm always bring beachy cabana vibes to the backyard. Intense direct sun may scorch their leaves, so try to place them somewhere North or East-facing or in a spot that receives gentle morning light and afternoon shade. These indoor plants are perfect for making patio seating areas feel a little more homey, and the taller varieties create a pretty leaf canopy to sit underneath with a book and a drink. 

Ted Lare-The Best Indoor Plants for Moving Outside -croton outdoors


This tropical technicolor dream plant reminds us of neon party lights! Crotons thrive in direct sun—the more sunshine it receives, the brighter its colors become. When indoors, once weekly watering is necessary, but they may need more water in hot outdoor conditions. If its leaves start to droop, it’s a sure sign your croton is thirsty.

Ted Lare-The Best Indoor Plants for Moving Outside -weeping fig

Weeping Fig

The Weeping Fig, or Ficus Benjamina, is often grown as an indoor tree but will gladly spend some time outside with your garden plants in summer. Their leaves are a bit more sensitive to direct sunbeams, so they’ll do nicely underneath some dappled shade under taller trees or by a North- or East-facing wall. This indoor plant likes to soak moisture in through its leaves, so if you aren’t getting much rainfall, generously spritz the leaves with water every few days.

Bird of Paradise

This high-impact tropical indoor plant has colossal leaves with fabulous texture—and who could resist those amazing orange and indigo blooms? Some summer air will help this beauty to produce even more of its signature blooms. It loves direct sun, but a bit of afternoon shade is welcome during the hottest, driest months. Mist the leaves with water to keep them moisturized—Bird of Paradise loves humidity, and we don’t always get much of that here in the Midwest. 

Ted Lare-The Best Indoor Plants for Moving Outside -Tradescantia


An absolute must-have for hanging baskets and container gardens, this indoor plant has a trailing habit with ultra-vibrant vines that spill down the edges of its pot. It’s amazing how quickly they grow when they’re outside! Hang some tradescantia around your patio to create a canopy of jewel-toned color. Direct sun may scorch their leaves, so try to put them somewhere shielded from that bright afternoon sunshine. 

On the hunt for new indoor plants near Des Moines? Visit Ted Lare Garden Center to see all the latest varieties for every budget and skill level! If you have any questions about moving your houseplants outside, feel free to ask our experts, and we can give you some helpful pointers. 


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