6 Interior Design Concepts to Bring Outdoors in 2022

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There’s been a recent shift in the way people design and utilize their outdoor spaces. With more time spent at home, there’s more incentive to transform our yards into livable, functional spaces that are an extension of our interior living spaces. If you’d like to hit the refresh button on your backyard, apply these 2022 interior design trends to your outdoor landscape design. 

These New Interior Design Trends Look Equally Amazing Outdoors

Leave the “Modern Farmhouse” furnishings and Live Laugh Love signage behind—these hot new interior design trends will complete your yard’s much-deserved makeover in 2022. 

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Wicker and Rattan 

Combining the eco-friendly benefits of biodegradable, natural materials and all the appeal of 70s retro aesthetics, wicker and rattan furniture is a perfect way to bring trendy interior design to the outdoors. Plus, you can easily reupholster or replace your existing cushions with different patterns and colors if you ever grow tired of your current style. Whether you want a natural finish for a more boho look or dark tinted wicker for a more dramatic look, there are plenty of different options to suit your ideal outdoor aesthetic.   

“Grandmillenial” Aesthetics

This interior design style has so much charm and personality! Millennials are embracing all things Grandma-style, with an emphasis on old-fashioned florals and damask textiles. Add in some kitschy flourishes like doilies, crocheted throws, and vintage furniture sets. For the perfect finishing touch, get a cute tea set and serving trays so you can party like it’s 1949. 

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Curved, Abstract Shapes

Years of minimalist interior designs and low-contrast beige and gray color palettes have us craving some whimsy and eccentricity! Look for tables and garden art with asymmetrical shapes. Edge your garden beds to have curving lines instead of straight borders with 90° angles. Instead of planting flowers in straight rows, make them squiggly! Have fun with it—you’d be surprised how modern and cutting-edge this interior design concept can look! 

Pantone Color of the Year: Very Peri

Pantone forecasts the top trending colors for interior designers every year, and in 2022 they’ve named Veri Peri as their Color of the Year. This rich, vibrant purple-blue shade is cool yet energizing and uplifting. Not only can you choose furnishings and outdoor accessories in this ultra-current color, but there are also plenty of beautiful blooming flowers in this exact shade! Some of our favorite periwinkle flowers include:

  • Blue Salvia
  • Delphiniums
  • Irises
  • Lobelia
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Sea Holly

Complementary colors for this saturated periwinkle hue include white, gray, marigold, and sage green. Look for plants and containers in these shades to balance your color palette.

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Statement Rugs

Rugs and woven carpets are a classic staple of interior design, but bold statement styles are having a big resurgence! As we said, minimalism and colorless decor are out, and creative, exciting interior decor is in! Weatherproof rugs are amazing for creating outdoor “rooms” that pull your design together and help make your patio furniture look less awkwardly placed. Look for abstract designs with splashes of color to bring that modern, artsy vibe to your yard. 

Outdoor Home Offices

Creating makeshift workstations at home has become the norm, and they continue to be useful as more folks adopt a hybrid work model, half at home and half in the office. Instead of staying cooped up in the same place all day, create an outdoor workstation in a gazebo or underneath a covered patio. Bonus points if you can set up your outdoor office near a power outlet to charge your laptop. Try using a standing desk so that you don’t remain sedentary for hours on end, and surround yourself with as many plants as possible—they help boost energy and improve focus! 

Interior design concepts look just as gorgeous outdoors if you choose appropriate furniture and accessories to suit the space! Visit Ted Lare Design & Build to see all the latest patio furniture and trendy accessories to complete your outdoor living space.


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