How To Master The Art Of Fall Garlic Planting

When it comes to foods that pack a punch, it’s hard to compete with garlic. Not only does this delicious root add so much flavor and dimension to some of our favorite meals, but it has impressive superfood health benefits too.  While growing garlic is an exercise in patience, it doesn’t really take much effort […]

Fall Container Inspiration

It’s not just back to school season, there’s a chill in the air that is the unmistakable beginning of fall. While many of us lament the end of summer, the beginning of the fall season marks tons of great new opportunities for your garden. It’s not yet time to say goodbye to gorgeous growth, here’s […]

10 Best Plants for Fall Color

Fall is nearly upon us and we’re starting to feel that telltale chill in the air during the evenings. Some people lament the end of summer as the end of the growing season, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Fall offers an opportunity for new plants and colors to shine through for a […]

Weeping Willows & Other Weeping Trees

Weeping Willows Ted Lare Iowa

Weeping trees are a popular commodity in our area, and one look at their striking style is enough to tell you why. There’s something stunning and beautiful about weeping-style trees that adds an air of sophistication, whimsy, and elegance to your property. While the weeping willow might be the most iconic variety, there are actually lots of […]

Seasonal Needle Drop

Evergreen Seasonal Teds Gardens Des Moines Iowa

We like to imagine that our evergreens will stay green forever, but that’s sometimes not the case. While your tree isn’t likely to go entirely bald in preparation for our chilly Des Moines winter like deciduous trees do, it isn’t unlikely to see a few needles shed to make room for new ones, especially in the fall.  […]

Late Summer Garden Care

Late Summer Garden Care Ted Lare Iowa

There never seems to be enough of the summer to go around here in Iowa, and before you know it, July is behind us. If the words “late summer” make you nervous about the season slipping through your hands, you aren’t alone. But don’t worry, there are tons of ways to make sure that your home, […]

Creating Shade

It’s no accident that many of us wistfully imagine a shady sanctuary, relaxing under the leafy boughs of a tree. The image of a perfect afternoon spent under the cool shadow of a tree has been romanticized by poets and painters for centuries. We can’t deny that there’s something nostalgic about letting our minds drift […]

Hydrangeas: When to Prune & How To Bloom

Hydrangea Ted Lare Iowa

Even just planting hydrangeas will have your garden dressed to impress as they amaze you with their style. These gorgeous blooms are a popular choice for good reason – they’re straightforward to care for, they thrive in an array of conditions, and their blooms just can’t be competed with. They’re stylish in a single tone, with color […]