Adjusting Your Houseplants for Sunshine Throughout the Year

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We rely on leafy greenery during cold winters to liven up our interior spaces, but how do you get your houseplants to thrive indoors? Following our previous blog on watering through the year, this blog will cover how you can move your houseplants around through the entire year for the best sunlight conditions that complement their needs and their seasonal requirements.

Do Houseplants Prefer Direct Sunlight?

Many houseplants thrive in bright and sunny conditions, but not all can handle direct sunlight all day long! Most tropical houseplants are accustomed to growing on the forest floor under a canopy, so indirect light is best. The easiest way to know how much light your plant needs is by checking out the information card that comes with a new plant or by researching your plant varieties and their needs. 

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How Do I Know if My Houseplant is Getting the Correct Amount of Sunlight?

Plants can’t speak, but they sure know how to let you know if they’re getting the correct amounts of sunlight! Your houseplants will let you know they require more sunlight when they don’t flower, appear droopy, or their leaves are discolored. A houseplant that is overexposed to the sun will have dark or bleached spots on its leaves. In this case, low moisture in the soil beneath the plant causes the roots to harden. If your plants don’t seem happy, try moving them to a brighter or more indirectly lit spot, respectively, and see how they adjust.

How To Provide More Sunlight

If your plant looks like it needs more sunlight, try the following adjustments at any time of the year to make sure it has enough: 

  • Elevate your plants near windows with plant stands and tables
  • Use grow-lights to supplement winter lighting
  • Place your plants near windows and bright walls to help reflect light
  • Dust your plant leaves so they can absorb sunlight
  • Clean your windows well so that all of that sunshine comes through unimpeded

Indoor Plants That Tolerate Low Light

Low light refers to areas of your home that receive no direct sunlight, for example, near most north-facing windows in the winter. Try the cast iron plant if you’re searching for a houseplant that can tolerate it all; it’s an ideal option for new plant parents whose name speaks to its qualities since it grows well in shaded conditions and doesn’t require much maintenance. Other low-light houseplant options include:

  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Snake Plant
  • Pothos
  • Ivey
  • Calathea
  • Rex Begonia
  • ZZ Plant
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Indoor Plants That Love Sunlight

Do you want a sun-loving houseplant for a sunny corner of your home? Croton plant is a thick leathery-leaved tropical beauty sure to add a brilliant pop of color to your décor and spice things up. Other sunlight thriving houseplants to include in your home are:

  • Jade Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • China Doll Plant
  • Gardenia
  • Common Geranium
  • African Milk Bush
  • Umbrella Papyrus
  • Tropical Hibiscus
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Seasonal Lighting Adjustments

Your houseplants spend the spring and summer growing while they slow down in the fall and winter for a natural dormancy. While you’ll want to slow down the watering in the winter, your plants will need light, and it’s easy to forget them in shady spots when the season changes and the house is darker. Move your plants closer to the windows for better light during the winter, but keep them away from cold drafts. You can always use grow lights if that’s the best option for you. Once spring comes back around, you can slowly move your plants back to their original homes so that they can grow in their happy place. Your plants will thank you for the custom seasonal lighting!


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