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9 Houseplants That Are Perfect for the Holidays

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The holidays are quickly arriving and, soon, decorations will deck the halls. With garland and Christmas trees and tinsel galore, it’s easy to get caught up in the seasonal decoration sales and forget about using houseplants as decoration! The go-to houseplants for the holidays are typically a Christmas cactus and a poinsettia but, while these plants are well-loved, it doesn’t hurt to have a little variety!  

Whether you prefer flowering or colorful foliage, each of these plants have festive colors and is the perfect addition to your holiday decor. 

Ideal Flowering Houseplants for the Holidays

Flamingo Lily

The flamingo lily has heart-shaped, bright red blooms that contrast against waxy green leaves—the perfect holiday color combination! Also known as Anthuriums, flamingo lilies are very easy to grow with well-draining soil and bright filtered light. They are sure to blend in perfectly with your Christmas decorations and continue to inspire happiness throughout the year.

-anthurium and amaryllis ted lare garden center


Red amaryllis is a classic houseplant for the holidays. The large red blooms are festive and stunning for any centerpiece or accent decoration. It is a bulb that will need to be forced to bloom in the winter season, but with a little know-how, this flowering plant is very easy to grow and well worth the effort! 


Similar to amaryllis, paperwhites are also a bulb that will need to be forced to bloom indoors. Their petals are similar to daffodils as they are related! The pure white blooms are fragrant and pleasant, making paperwhites an ideal houseplant for winter decorating.

Red Asian Coral Phalaenopsis Orchid 

For orchid lovers, this is the perfect festive variety. Its coral-red and reddish-purple mottled petals are delicate and simple—a perfect accent for a holiday centerpiece! The orchid will flower during the winter and, though it is delicate, it is a low-maintenance houseplant. 


This tropical succulent has broad leaves and clusters of bell-shaped blooms with spiky tips. It blooms year-round and comes in multiple colors, including red, making it an ideal houseplant for the holiday season! It is a low-maintenance plant that only needs to be watered every couple of weeks. 

Houseplants with Pretty Foliage for the Holidays


Cordyline Fruticosa

A variety of Ti plants, this broadleaf tropical shrub has beautiful pinkish-red and green foliage. It thrives on high humidity and is a great houseplant for a bright bathroom, but should not be kept in standing water as it is prone to root rot. Water with distilled water to avoid fluoride toxicity and keep the leaves beautiful the whole holiday season. 

Red-Veined Nerve Plant

Nerve plants, also known as Fittonia, have striking foliage, with bright red (or white!) veins running through the leaves. This plant does require high humidity and might be best-suited to accompany Christmas decorations in a bright bathroom. Keep the soil moist and mist frequently to prevent it from drying out.

Polka Dot Plant

One of the many variations of the polka dot plant has dark green and red leaves—perfect for Christmas. This lovely little houseplant stays small once mature and is perfect for an east- or south-facing window with bright, indirect light. Keep the solid moderately moist at all times for ideal conditions!

-polka dot and aglaonema plant ted lare garden center

Red Aglaonema

This houseplant is adaptable to low-light conditions and tolerant to both moist and dry conditions. Its broad, colored leaves will be sure to add some Christmas spirit to your home without demanding too much maintenance over the holidays when you’re busy spending time with the family. To avoid drying leaf tips, water with distilled water. 

If you’re still looking for the perfect houseplant for the holidays, visit us at Ted Lare Garden Center. We’d love to help you find the ideal fit for your home in time for Christmas!


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