7 Fabulous Philodendrons for Your Home

Philodendron Brasil in hanging macrame Ted Lare

Philodendrons are a classic houseplant that has been popular for ages. Many people start their houseplant collection with a Philodendron cutting from a friend. They’re an excellent first plant because they’re resilient, forgiving, and can tolerate surprisingly low light. But Philodendrons are not just for beginners.

Philodendrons add lush tropical greenery to a collection and have an air of stoicism and reliable stability to them. They’re also an excellent air cleaning plant! There’s a good chance your Philodendron might even outlive you; they’re pretty long-lasting. It’ll be quite the confidence boost to be able to say you still have the very first houseplant that started your collection over 30 or 40 years ago. You could even pass it on as a family heirloom.

There are two different types of Philodendrons, vining, and non-climbing or upright Philodendrons. Vining Philo’s need something to climb, like a trellis, or lattice, or the wall of your house if it’s growing close enough. Non-climbing Philo’s can get quite bushy, even wider than tall, over time, so make sure to give them plenty of space.

Philodendrons are often confused for Pothos, and while they do appear to look fairly similar, they actually belong to separate plant families. 

Here are a few of our favorite Philodendrons. 

Philodendron Birkin 

Birkin might be one of the most beautiful Philodendrons available. One of the top trending Philo’s of the year! It’s a more compact non-climbing Philo, and it features chic green and white pin-striped leaves. This unique beauty grows fairly slow, so you can keep it in a beautiful pot for a long time before it will need to be transplanted.  

Philodendron Birkin and Philodendron Green Ted Lare


Philodendron Green 

Philo Green is a classic traditional vining type with rich green heart-shaped leaves. Green is the perfect Philo for anywhere, really. It has an understated elegance and minimalist appeal that’s the ideal plant element for almost any space. 

Philodendron Brasil 

Brasil is a fast-growing vining variety, with beautiful heart-shaped variegated leaves, featuring shades from rich dark green to vibrant lime green, and everything in between. Philo Brasil is perfect for the top of a bookcase or in a hanging planter where the vines can trail down over the edges. 

Philodendron Brasil and Philodendron Lemon Ted Lare


Philodendron Lemon 

Philo Lemon’s leaves are so vibrantly colored that they’re almost neon! Lemon is a vining variety with leaves in shades of bright yellow to chartreuse green. Lemon starts out as a fairly upright plant when it’s young, but its stems will drape and trail or climb as it gets older. 

Philodendron Bloody Mary, Philodendron Moonlight, and Philodendron Burle Marx Ted Lare

Philodendron Bloody Mary 

Bloody Mary is a particularly gorgeous and unique variety of Philo. It is an upright variety, though it will spill over the edges of its pot. Bloody Mary features dark maroon-red stems. New leaves emerge a rich burgundy color, and transition to dark green with a distinct red hue as they mature. The undersides of the leaves stay a dramatic dark red. 

Moonlight Philodendron 

Moonlight is an upright Philodendron with very large leaves that start out bright yellow and transition to beautiful lime green as they mature. This beautiful bush-type Philo is perfect for adding a new and vibrant shade of large green leaves to your houseplant jungle.  

Philodendron Burle Marx 

Philo Burle Marx has unique leaves that are a prominent spade shape. The leaves are quite long, growing up to 18”, and are a beautiful deep green. Burle Marx is an upright variety, though it may spill over the edges of a pot like Bloody Mary. 

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Philodendron Care

Philodendrons are one of the easiest and most tolerant houseplants to care for. 

  • Light: bright, medium, low, or even artificial light, as long as they are protected from direct sun, they’ll be happy. 
  • Water: only water Philo’s when the first inch of soil feels dry. 
  • Humidity: they do like humidity, so running a humidifier near them during the winter is a good idea.
  • Fertilizer: you don’t need to fertilize Philo’s, but if you want to, you can give them a basic all-purpose fertilizer during the growing season. 
  • Soil: they prefer a loose and light potting soil with lots of organic matter, but they’ll grow in almost anything. 
  • Repotting: fast-growing Philos will probably need a new pot once per year, but slower growing varieties may not need to be transplanted for up to 2 years. 


If you’re thinking you need to start your houseplant collection with a tough and beautiful Philo, or if you just want to add one to your growing houseplant collection, visit the garden center. We regularly get new stock in, so you never know when we might have an exciting new variety.


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