6 Fall-Friendly Foliage Plants for Your House

Fall foliage houseplants at Ted Lare

Fall colors are so beautiful, but they don’t have to be limited to just the outdoors. You can add fall color to your home decor with houseplants that have colorful foliage. Houseplants that fall into the autumn color palette allow you to enjoy the ambiance and cozy feelings in the fall for as long as you want, even once fall is over in Iowa.

Here are 6 plants that feature fall colors, from red to gold to orange to black. 

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is the perfect fall plant, with its variegated leaves. While some varieties have different shades of green, our favorite one features yellow veins on green leaves, with a bright orange-red central stem, and burnt orange on the undersides of leaves. 

This plant is super easy and tough. They’ll do best if their soil is allowed to dry between watering. They’re also surprisingly tolerant of low-light, making the Chinese Evergreen perfect for rooms with only north-facing or very small windows.

Chinese Evergreen Ficus Quercifolia fall foliage at Ted Lare

Ficus Quercifolia

Ficus Quercifolia is a unique variety of fig. This tiny fig has leaves that look like little oak leaves in a deep green. It’s commonly referred to as a creeping fig or string of frogs, but it tends to form more of a mound than long vines. 

The petite size and slow-growing habit of Quercifolia are popular for terrariums and containers. It likes plenty of bright but indirect light and consistent moisture. It needs to be kept fairly damp to stay happy, and it will thrive in a humid environment.

Variegated Camouflage Japanese Aralia

Variegated Camouflage Japanese Aralia gives you another option for those gorgeous oak-shaped leaves, but on a larger scale. The leaves of this aralia are an exquisite blend of pale yellow, lime green, and deep green. 

The deeply lobed leaves can grow to approximately 12” across, and the plant itself can get to 8-10’ tall. This is a shade loving plant, so keep it back from windows that get any direct sun. It likes consistently moist soil, so don’t let it dry out.

Aralia Philodendron fall foliage houseplants Ted Lare

Philodendron Bloody Mary

Philodendron Bloody Mary has very dark maroon leaves that are quite long and narrow. The leaves on young plants may be fairly small, but as the plant gets older, the leaves will get much bigger.  

A classic philodendron, Bloody Mary is easy to care for, likes to dry out between waterings, and prefers indirect light. This is a great choice for a hanging planter.

Raven ZZ

Raven ZZ plant adds a drama, dimension, and contrast to your plant collection. Raven ZZ’s leaves start out a bright chartreuse green and fade to dark black as they mature. This ZZ will anchor your plant collection, and highlight the color contrasts within your urban jungle.

A typical ZZ, Ravens essentially thrive on neglect and are tolerant of pretty much any light conditions. Don’t miss this popular houseplant, they’re a hot commodity and sell out nearly as soon as we get them in.

Raven ZZ Croton fall foliage houseplants Ted Lare


Crotons hit the full spectrum of fall colors, with their variegations of rich green, bright red, deep orange, and golden yellow. The large shiny leaves are one of the most colorful non-blooming houseplants you can get.

Crotons are another easy keeper that thrives in higher light conditions and prefers its soil to dry out a bit between waterings. 

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Bring those rich autumn colors into your home decor with any of these beautifully colored houseplants. Stop by the garden center today to choose your favorites. 



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