5 Indoor Plant Trends For 2021

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The houseplant obsession is still growing this year. Hopefully, it’ll be a little easier to get your hands on the indoor plants that are trending this year. Here’s what houseplants are topping the trends lists for 2021. Snap up these indoor plants when you see them, so you don’t miss adding them to your collection

Indoor Plant Trends for 2021

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Alocasia, or African Mask, was hard to get last year, and as many people discovered, they’re pretty particular about the care they like. This year we’re seeing a few more exciting varieties and color trends as they become more common in 2021. This family of plants is quite large, and there are so many different ones, from the classic dwarf Amazonica, with striking white veins on nearly black leaves that only gets to about 12″ tall, to the regular Alocasia Amazonica, which has the potential to get up to 6′ tall. However, that’s probably only in tropical climates and probably not as an indoor plant. Here in Iowa, they’re more likely to max out around 3 feet tall in the average home. 

Olive Trees are charming people as a unique indoor plant for 2021. Generally, a Mediterranean plant, olive trees, will need lots of heat and at least 6 hours of sun per day. Olive trees are a popular indoor plant trend because they have gorgeous sage green leaves and grow into beautiful trees. Luckily, they’re well suited to an environment with relatively dry air, common in homes, especially through the winter. There are ornamental olive trees and fruiting ones, so if you want actual olives, make sure you get a fruiting type. Getting them to actually produce fruit might be a little more complicated than just keeping them as a houseplant, though.

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Peperomias have developed quite a committed fan base, and it’s easy to see just why they’re on the trends list. Peperomias are generally relatively easy to care for, and in terms of looks, they’re one of the most diverse families of indoor plants out there. You could have a collection of just peperomia in your home, and because they’re all so different, from Ruby Cascade to Monstera Ginny to String of Turtles, most people wouldn’t even guess they were all related. 



Pothos has been a dependable, predictable indoor plant for many years, and as houseplant trends grow, more and more varieties with unique coloring are being developed. Marble Queen Pothos is a classic, but don’t miss out on beautiful options like Pearls & Jade, Neon, Jessina, Green, and Silver Pictus Pothos.

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Last but not least, on the trends list for 2021, Philodendron is also seeing a revival in popularity, with plenty of beautiful colorways, sizes, and styles available. Philo’s are a great indoor plant to give as a gift or add to your own collection. They’re pretty tough, they tolerate surprisingly low light, and they’re pretty forgiving if you forget to water them occasionally. Don’t miss Painted Lady, Silver Sword, Variegated Burle Marx, Birkin, Green, Brasil, and Micans Philodendron.

Did you jump on the houseplant parent trends last year? Or have you always been a dedicated indoor plant lover? Whenever you joined the global family of plant lovers, it’s pretty exciting to see them becoming more and more popular and to see so many unique variations becoming more available. 

When you’re ready to add some new green friends to your collection, stop by the garden center for a visit. We’ve got new indoor plants from the latest trends coming in all the time, as well as all the supplies you need to take great care of them. 


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