Ted Lare Container Gardening Trends eBook
Ted Lare Container Gardening Trends eBook

The 2019 Container Gardening Trends eBook

By Ted Lare Design & Build

Sneak Peek of the 2019 Container Garden Trends eBook

Top New Annuals

Every year it seems like our annuals are bigger, better and more spectacular – and 2019 is no exception. Our top picks for the most popular and successful annuals this year are ready to be brought home to dazzle your backyard and containers.

Container Recipes

Craft container designs that are perfect for you and your home, every time. Browse photos of our beautifully designed container gardens, accompanied by plant lists and container layouts!

Top New Edibles

Just because our edible gardens are incredibly functional doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute to our summertime aesthetic at home. With all of these hot new favorites of 2019 your garden and dinner table will be bursting with style and grace.

Read about this year’s top container garden trends, from the experts at Ted Lare.

Container Gardening Trends eBook 2019

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