14 Romantic Houseplants for Your Valentine’s Date

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Have you decided what gift you want to get for your partner, best friend, or yourself? Why not pick out a gorgeous houseplant this year for a long-lasting gift that will remind them, or yourself, of your love for years to come?

Here are a few of the most romantic houseplants you can give for Valentine’s Day this year. 

Flowering Plants

If your sweetie loves flowers, they’ll love these romantic plants with lasting blooms!

African Violets stay quite compact, have cute fuzzy succulent leaves, and have pretty flowers for several months each year. These relatively easy to care for plants like to be root bound, need their soil to dry out between watering, and like monthly fertilizer.

african violet and anthurium

Anthurium features striking, unusual flowers in vibrant colors and lush deep green leaves. These low maintenance plants make a gorgeous statement!

Bromeliads are unique tropical beauties that come in a wide range of colors, with large spiky flowers lasting for several months. These easy-care plants like to hold their water in the cup of their leaves.

Calla Lily is a beautifully elegant flower. They come in almost every color, and these gorgeous minimalist plants are an excellent potted plant that can go out onto the patio for the summer.

calla lily and cyclamen ted lare design & build

Cyclamen’s cute little butterfly-like flowers float above large, heart-shaped leaves with beautiful patterning. They bloom for many months and come in shades of pink, white, and purple.

Hoya Kerri (Sweetheart Hoya), this gorgeous plant, has large heart-shaped leaves. It grows relatively slow, but over time it may grow a vine, although some don’t. Mature plants produce clumps of pretty white flowers with red centers in the summer.

hoya kerrii and hyacinth ted lare design & build

Hyacinth features large cones of pink, purple, or white flowers that almost look like ice cream cones. These pretty harbingers of spring are beautiful and easy to care for. 

Jasmine has elegant green leaves and blooms with delicate white flowers with an intoxicating scent several times a year. These gorgeous and calming plants grow well as houseplants with lots of light and good drainage. 

Miniature Roses might be even better than normal roses for Valentine’s Day because they have lots of gorgeous blooms in many different colors, and the flowers will keep blooming for months. 

miniature roses and moth orchid ted lare design & build

Moth Orchids, also known as phalaenopsis orchids, are one of the most elegant and long-lasting flowers you can buy for your sweetie. Orchid flowers will hang on for months looking beautiful, and they’re plants that don’t need to be watered very often. 

Pitcher Plants have a unique look, often with beautiful coloring. The colors often include pink, white, red, and purple, and the variegated patterns are striking. These carnivorous plants are the perfect eccentric Valentine’s gift. 

With its pink spotted leaves, Polka Dot Plant is a super cute choice for Valentine’s Day. These pretty plants stay relatively small when mature, so they’re perfect for terrariums.

polka dot plant and string of hearts ted lare design & build

String of Hearts is one of the most beautiful and romantic plants you’ll find for Valentine’s. The succulent leaves are heart-shaped and variegated white and green, and they hang down on long delicate stems. When they’re happy, they produce tiny light purple tubular flowers that are so pretty. 

Tulips are a spring classic. You can’t go wrong with a pot of tulips for Valentine’s. With so many different colors and styles available, they’ll keep everyone smiling as long as they keep blooming. 

Add something a little extra to your Valentines gifts this year with houseplants. You can even gift them together with traditional cut flowers if you can’t quite decide with is the best option for your Valentine. Stop by the garden center on Saturday, February 6, or Saturday, February 13, from 9-5, to pick up a unique gift for your Valentine.


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